A Divine Exposition


Now I will expose your so-called good deeds. None of them will help you.

~Isaiah 57:12, NLT


No one who is pro-life supports a political party or candidate that is not.

~Jack Bailey

We have been rationalizing our sin since Adam but it is a waste of time: God sees the heart and the motive. Our churches and our convention {SBC} is filled with nominal Christians {in name only} and recent events have brought the truth to light. Let me make myself perfectly clear, I do not worship political figures. I did admire Ronald Reagan and I have a growing appreciation for Donald Trump but I will be the first to admit, Trump is just one more flawed human. He is a very savvy businessman and that is what we need in this country. He is not a politician and that is one of the problems: the other politicians don’t like him because he does kiss babies and buts. A strange thing has happened in the church and we are just now taking notice: we have this contingent of people who profess to be pro-life who are not. How can you not be pro-life and be saved? How can a devil be good or a good person a devil? It is a bird that does not fly. Yet in our own Southern Seminary and even among the rank and file of SBC life we have these “Trump haters,” who refer to themselves as “Never Trumpers.” Hate wouldn’t look good on their resume. If you know your bible, you know that we are to pray for those in authority over us but they do not pray for Trump; they take every opportunity to pass judgment on him. Last January Trump called them out: he attended the MARCH FOR LIFE, something they and Beth Moore has never done. This put a lot of pressure on these so called evangelicals against Trump because many of their followers assumed they were pro-life.

Beth Moore is a hypocrite and so is her cousin Russel. The people who idolize her are not pro-life, they are nominally pro-life. I know pro-lifers, they are single issue voters and you will not find a single one of them who will vote for a democrat nor listen to a so called bible teacher that votes for democrats. God is at work; He is doing what Isaiah predicted, He is exposing our hypocrisy and idolatry. Beth Moore refuses to take a stand of the sanctity of marriage or at least it being between a man and a woman. She is a Trump hater and she worships at the altar of Political Correctness. I have always thought she was shallow but I never dreamed she was a complete hypocrite.

Now for a little reality: We have leftist in the SBC and the Christian Church. These cats are as radical as Soros or Kamala Harris. Many of them are coming out of Southern Seminary. They are big into what they call “Social Justice” {code for socialism} but this is not a biblical term. There is only one justice, God’s justice and killing babies is a violation of His justice. They have been busy crafting wordy statements that present themselves as being “Pro-life” when in fact they are closet democrats. Oh, they will not openly admit they are democrats: this would be bad for business but they take every opportunity to rip Trump, the most Pro-Life president in history. Here is a statement from these so called Pro-Lifers for Biden…We believe that a biblically shaped commitment to the sanctity of human life comes to a consistent ethic of life that affirms the sanctity of human life form beginning to end. Wow, what a revelation. They failed to mention when life begins which would be conception and they failed to mention the UNBORN all together. It is the same old, same old liberal garbage espoused by Voy Valentine and all the other liberals we got rid of in the 80’s. I shut one of his conferences down single handedly by asking the wrong questions. When I asks a question about abortion, they went to talking about the quality of life for those already born and child abuse, etc. I promise you, I made them very uncomfortable. You are either pro-life or lost, deceived at best. There is no way under heaven that Jesus is for killing babies. What about these old goats that keep voting for the murder of the unborn. You do not want to swap places with them. They too will be exposed. There is too much information available: no excuse will be acceptable. If what I said offends you, talk to my boss or stop reading the blog. I am sick of the hypocrisy and I cannot be silent.

Rain in the forecast and Jack in the study. I hope, I intend to watch a little college football today. I’ve seen the two Alabama games but I’ve missed the rest due to things coming up. Today will probably be a reverse: I’ll watch the others and miss Alabama because they are kicking off at my Saturday night bed time and being ready and refreshed on Sunday is more important to me than football. I hope that statement doesn’t cause any heart attacks. Besides, it will not be the kind of game I like; it will be a shoot out with 80-100 points scored. As the Bear would say, “A track meet.” Now if we had Georgia’s defense to go with our offense; I would feel pretty confident. We have not been watching baseball but June did keep check last night via her phone and the Yankee’s are out! I have always enjoyed seeing the Yankee’s get beat. They just can’t buy a championship these days.

Drive-In Communion at the POINT in the morning at 8:30. It will probably be raining but we have an FM transmitter and you can listen on your car radio.

Tracy B. had a very hard week and was in a lot of pain. Please say a prayer for Tracy.

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