A Generation Of Liars


They say, “We will lie to our hearts’ content. Our lips are our own—who can stop us?”

~Psalm 12:4, NLT


“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

~ George Orwell

Eugene L. Peterson in the MESSAGE puts an interesting spin on Psalm 12 and before you criticize his paraphrase, I challenge you to give it some thought. He begins in verse 3, Slice their lips off their faces! Pull the braggart tongues from their mouths! I’m tired of hearing, “We can talk anyone into anything! Our lips {lies, propaganda} manage the world.” …God’s words are pure words, pure silver words refined seven times in the fires of his word-kiln, pure on earth as well as in heaven. God, keep us safe from their lies, from the wicked who stalk us with lies, from the wicked who collect honors for their wonderful lies. If you are like me, you are sick of the lies, the fake news, the fake pandemic and Black Lives Matter. What will be the new lie come November 3 when Trump wins the election? Mark my word, they will come up with something.

Peterson’s paraphrase of Psalm 12 sparked a question: What hurts most about the lies being perpetuated by the left? Is it the lie itself. I was taught evolution back in 1965 and nothing was said about the evidence for creation. Trust me, I had never heard the word evolution until 10th grade biology class. I was also taught that we live in a democracy, another lie. Now they are teaching kids that abortion is just a choice when in fact, it is taking a life. I’ll say more about this lie later. What is the greatest harm in the lie; Is it the fact that so many are dupes and believe the lies? We have people right here in Morgan County who vote for democrats and yet claim to be followers of Christ. How can people be so gullible? Is it the success of the lie? Doug Jones got to congress by the use of a lie and the sad thing is–it worked. This is why the democrats use lies and slander–it works. Sarah Weddington, the infamous lawyer in Roe V. Wade lied. She said that Norma McCorvey had been raped. This was a lie. Sarah lied and millions have died. Or is it the ultimate destruction caused by the lie? You cannot build an enduring nation on lies. There is temporary success in the lie but ultimately it is a house of cards and it will collapse. Just look at Russia or Cuba if you need documentation. The biggest lie being perpetuated today is Black Lives Matter. This movement has nothing to do with saving black lives. The intent of BLM is to cause anarchy and confusion and the mystery of mysteries is that huge corporate giants have bought into it hook, line and sinker. I have had no trouble turning off professional sports. I talked to two men at the football game last night who said the same thing. The world of sports had better wake up and get the facts: they are supporting evil. The truth is available but evidently, they don’t want to know the truth.

They say the rain is coming which means I am going to have to alter my plans. Lord willing I will be cutting the yard and sowing rye grass today. Anthony gave me some good advice: you can get your rye grass at Valley Feeds on the belt line for a fourth of what you would pay at LOWEs. We have only one more week of summer and we have been bless this year with no extreme heat. Now let’s hope that we have a long fall and no extreme cold this winter.

Just want to remind you that Mark Zuckerberg is a Sadducee worth 68.2 billion. He is the primary owner of FACEBOOK. I am fairly certain that he is not conservative. Sadducees tend to be far left. Jews in general are not the problem: Sadduccees are a different story.

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