A New Covenant


When God speaks of a “new” covenant, it means he has made the first one obsolete. It is now out of date and will soon disappear.

~Hebrews 8:13, NLT


God rarely does the same thing twice.


Who wrote the book of Hebrews? Whoever it was must have had a deep acquaintance with Paul. Scholars say that is was definitely not Paul’s work due to the syntax. Since I am not a Greek scholar, I cannot enter this debate. I cannot judge by syntax but I can make observations by context: I think the author could have been Luke. I just do not think a first century Jew could write Hebrews but a gentile familiar with Judaism could. Jews by nature are traditionalist: they have a very difficult time letting go of the old. Paul got arrested and imprisoned because he refused to let go of Judaism. He continued, against the advice of Luke and others, to attend Jewish festivals like Pentecost. Jesus made Pentecost obsolete. The NLT is not alone is translating the Greek word af-an-is-mos’ obsolete which comes from the root word meaning to abrogate or make something disappear, or vanish. Just check out the KJV if you doubt me.

What brought all this musing to pass? Josh texted me on Sunday night and asked me to meet with him and walk him through the Revelation. I let him know immediately that I was unqualified to do so but then I began sharing my unique interpretation which is based on the theology taught in Hebrews. Will God regress? Will He go back to Judaism? The answer is no, emphatically no! Jesus is a greater revelation. He is greater than the angels who gave the law to Moses; He is greater than Moses who gave it to Israel and He is greater than the priest who ministered in the Tabernacle. He is also greater than the Tabernacle, greater than the Holy City {Jerusalem}, greater than David the king and greater, far greater than Israel the nation. The Zionist err when they interpret the Revelation to be a fulfillment of the old covenant: Jesus has already fulfilled the old covenant and made it obsolete. He is the TEMPLE for Pete’s sake. He is the SUFFERING SERVANT {nation of Israel}, He is the HOLY CITY. He is the HIGH PRIEST and the SACRIFICE. The Jews missed the first advent because they were focused on buildings and places. They worshiped a temple made of stone while ignoring the one made of flesh. The Revelation is about JESUS CHRIST, not Israel, not Jerusalem, not a Temple.

Now, don’t misunderstand, I believe the nation Israel is very much in God’s future plans and I have no doubt that God will fulfill every prophecy but the lens that we look through is Jesus. When you get more concerned about the Jews rebuilding a temple than you do getting the gospel to the world, you have missed the point.

I got an email from one of our M’s in Asia earlier this morning. She shared something with me that I did not know, the Muslims still practice animal sacrifice. The holiday if which they sacrifice begins July 31. I did not know they sacrificed animals.

I also got an email from Will Edmonson a few days back…

We are still in Arkansas. We have been busy packing things and getting ready to move to Virginia for FPO which will start August 3. They have decided to continue with the plan to have FPO and it will be over around the end of September. Generally, people leave for their host country within a week or so of FPO concluding. We are not sure if we will be allowed to go at that point. Most likely our host country will not be allowing internationals in. My expectation is that we likely will not be able to leave the country until early 2021. Things may change but that is how we are planning, that way it is not such an emotional low if we can’t go right after FPO.We appreciate prayers for us to remain faithful in each of our current discipleship relationships where we are disciplining and training young men and women. It is difficult in this time as we are so ready to go.

One of the things that the Covid-19 thing has taught me is that I can live without sports. I am down to two: College Football and Major League Baseball. Now baseball is ticking me off so I may be down to College football. I despise seeing these ungrateful athletes bowing during the National Anthem and I am not going to watch it. Baseball needs to get their act together and fast.

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