A Noble Wife


If you can find a truly good wife, she is worth more than precious gems!

~Proverbs 31:10, TLB


Marriage is like a hot bath: after you get use to it, it aint so hot!

~Minnie Pearl

Proverbs 31 does not sound like Solomon: the reason being, it was not written by Solomon. It was written by king Lemuel of Massa. Since there are no historical record of such a man or place, some think it was a pen name for Hezekiah. I don’t know but it was written by someone who had a very good mother and that rules out Solomon. Keller’s devotional on Proverbs is not verse by verse: it is thematic and right now he is on the subject of marriage and it can’t seem to move on. We all know that I am no expert on marriage so what I am about to share is from Timothy Keller, not Jack Bailey. You also know that if I thought he was wrong, I would not share what I am about to share.

There are three characteristics that a good spouse needs and they are really quite simple: [1] The ability to build up and to edify, [2] the ability to tell the truth in love and the ability to [3] forgive. Ladies have you told your husband lately what a handsome hunk he is and that you are crazy about his body. Have you stopped laughing? Compose yourself and try to think of something good you can say about him? Will you please say it to him. Same goes for you men. Our first responsibility is to make our spouse feel special.

No one knows you like your spouse. Your spouse knows what you are in the dark. They know what you are like when you are angry. In most cases, they know the real you. No one is more qualified to point out your faults than the person you live with. Sometimes it takes real courage to confront and Big Mama is not lacking in courage. She crawls my case on a regular basis. She doesn’t always tell the truth in love but she will tell you the truth. Hey, I need correcting. I am a little rough around the edges and Big Mama is the sand paper.

The third and last thing is forgiveness. No marriage can survive without forgiveness. Sooner or later, you will say or do something that will hurt your spouse and you will find yourself praying for forgiveness. No relationship can endure without forgiveness.

Keller’s devotion ends like this: If you are married, evaluate yourself–edifying, truth telling, forgiving–where are you weakest? What are you going to do about it? Nothing, right? Your perfect just like you are!

Don’t listen to much talk radio anymore, too many commercials but I caught one brief interview on Finebaum yesterday. Don’t even know who he was but he said the social justice thing would not hurt sports. I think he is wrong. If they don’t start beating another drum, it will kill sports. Sports is a release from all the pressures and problems in life; the last thing a sports fan wants is more pressure. I’m not watching any professional sports and it is not hard; I have no desire to watch them. They did this to me. I am not watching ignorant and over paid athletes sit on a bench with their heads down while the national anthem is being played.

Didn’t get an update on Tracy, working on it…keep praying…

High for today is 75* with 80% chance of rain. I sowed my rye grass yesterday and my turnips last Saturday so I need a little but not so much that it washes my seed away. That can happen with rye grass.

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