A Tiny Minnow In A Huge Pond


There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number— living things both large and small.

~Psalm 104:25, NIV


I was too busy trying to become know to understand the advantages of being unknown.

~Alec Guiness

I’m not an actor like Guiness but I did spent a lot of my life wishing to be known. I use to pray that one of my blogs would go viral but now I pray the opposite. There are huge benefits to laboring in obscurity. I have 75-100 consistent followers {of the blog} and most of them are very supportive. I do have a few haters and they get aggravated at me for not responding but I function better by ignoring them. A horse fly can’t kill a horse but it can pester the animal to death. What if I had 50 million followers? I would have millions of haters. To be honest, I have no desire to be hated by that many people. There are some things I could do to put my blog out there but I’m not going to do them; or at least, I don’t plan to.

In my prayer time today; I was praying for President Trump and it really bothers me that he has taken the blunt of this cultures hate while we cowardly preachers hide in the shadows. They hate him for being honest, for being pro-life, for listening and fellowshipping with the religious right. I know this is not right but I find myself being thankful for being a tiny minnow in a huge sea. To my knowledge, minnows have never been hunted but whales have always been a target. Yes, I know people are not attracted to watching videos of minnows splashing in the shallows and they will pay good money to see the whales but there are huge advantages to being small and obscure. True greatest comes with a price, a high price. I am content to labor in the shadows of the great ones. Once in my life, for a few minutes, I sat at a round table with five bible scholars {translators}. I didn’t open my mouth. I knew that one sentence would blow my cover. These guys could speak mulitple languages while I can’t speak English properly. I listened to them talk and at the end of the session, I asked one question and I listened to their answer. I’ll be honest with you: I don’t think the life of a minnow is all that bad. Just watch out for the big mouth bass.

Seems like I had posted this blog already but it was next on the list so I hit the button. I stayed up last night and watched it snow. I even took a walk in the snow. So I slept late this morning. It was coming down in huge flakes. It is pretty at first but then it get messy with rain and traffic. I was scheduled to have a MRI this morning and I did get out of that: pray for June to forget all about it because I don’t want to do it. I don’t know why I agreed to do it in the first place. One thing is sure, it has been an unusual year and winter. The weather is all over the place. This global warming is killing us. I’ve made fun of Al over the years but he may be smarter than I think. He may be a con artist: he has duped millions and he makes millions by duping them.

Trump was on Newsmax last night talking about Rush Limbaugh. He said he won the election and I agree: they cheated! VOTER FRAUD!

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