Admirable Faith


My heart is confident in You, O God; my heart is confident.

~Psalm 57:7, NLT


God warms his hands at man’s heart when he prays.

 — John Masefield

I love George Mueller stories as much as I do those of George W. Truett. Mueller was on board a steamer in the North Atlantic. He was coming from Bristol, England to Quebec in Canada. The ship got into heavy fog and had to slow it’s speed to a crawl. Mueller was scheduled to speak in Quebec on Saturday and with the ship slowing for the fog, he was going to miss his appointment. The captain of the ship was a Christian and a praying man. He knew that Mueller was aboard and wasn’t really shocked that Mueller paid him a visit on the bridge where he had been for the past 24 hours navigating the ship through the fog. Mueller said, “Captain, I had to come to tell you that I must be in Quebec on Saturday evening. I have never broken an engagement in 57 years.” The captain said, “It is impossible. We are not going to make land in time for your engagement.” Mueller said, “Very well, if your ship can’t take me, God will find another way.” Then Mueller asks if there was a place on board that he and the captain could go pray so the captain lead him into the chart room where they got on their knees. Later the captain confessed, “I thought Mueller was a lunatic who belonged in an asylum.” Mueller prayed and asks God to lift the fog. The Captain was about to pray but Mueller pulled him to his feet. Mueller said to the captain: “there is no need in your praying: first of all, you don’t believe and secondly, the LORD has already answered.” By the time the captain got back to the bridge, the fog was gone. He then increased the speed and Mueller made his appointment.

No one will remember this name but the man was a native of Falkville; his name was Tilford Junkins and he was a Baptist preacher. He pastored the First Baptist Church in Athens during the 60’s. He attended a Jack Taylor/Bertha Smith prayer conference and when they broke out into prayer groups, Tilford just happened to be in Miss Bertha’s group. He thought he would impress her so he started his prayer with rather large words, “O sovereign, omnipotent and majestic One, Creator of heaven and earth…” Miss Bertha tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Who in this world are you talking to?” He was startled by her rude interruption but after some thought said, “To my Father in heaven.” She said, “Well start over and this time, call Him your Father.” If you put me in a prayer group with Miss Bertha or George Mueller, I would pray silently.


Mama’s chauffeur is sick and so there has been a change in plans: I am carrying Big Mama to Vandy for her doctor’s appointment. It was me or Joe David and he scares her more than I do. Pray for Big Mama. Got stung by a yellow jacket last evening working on Chloe’s play house; my right hand looks like Lolo’s left foot did last week. Our problems are small compared to those of others. I woke up praying for Shohn and Clara and Deborah and the girls are still on my mind. Let’s remember our hurting friends and do what we can to encourage them. If you want to contribute to the WADE MORRIS foundation, here is the address…

Wade Morris Ministries, Inc…..PO Box 380845…Birmingham, Alabama 35238-0845. If DBC decides to do a corporate gift, I want to be a part of that also. Any gift, no matter what size will encourage Deborah.

Have a super day!

P.S. Got the IMPRIMIS yesterday. This months article is on the transgender movement. You need to read it. It is a sibling to CRT; both come from the same source. The people pushing the movement are not transgenders; they are Marxist who are intend on destroying the American family. I will wet your appetite with two tub-bits. California and Washington State have laws that allow inmates to change their gender. Over two hundred male felons have applied. This means these thugs will be transferred to women’s facilities. The women in that facility will have no safe place to hid. Transgender meds and procedures cannot be reversed but kids are not being told this and other truths. ANTIFA is saturated with transgenders who are angry at the world. Instead of helping these confused and misguided individual, transgender procedures make them worse. As the articles says, transgenders make great protestors and anarchist. Read it! We must stop CRT and the transgender movement. The author of the article is Abigail Shrier and she has a book that is selling like hot cakes in spite of the cancel culture efforts to shut her down. Have you heard of Keira Bell? Read it and find out what is going on.

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