As A Father


As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear HIM.

~Psalm 103:13, REB


Long experience is the crown of the aged, and their pride is the fear of the LORD

~Jesus Son of Sirach

Very little is original with me: I do read quite a bit, more now than ever, and many of my thoughts are not original. The blogs generally come from the overflow…I get the thought and then the inspirational juices start flowing. I will say this, without inspiration, I have nothing to say; nothing worthy of your time. The following {long quote} comes from Timothy Keller’s SONGS OF JESUS. I want you to hear him say this and know that I did not write it.

“An adult can see right into the heart of child who has not yet mastered the art of deception. Children don’t hide their weaknesses like we adults. They wear no mask over their selfishness or impatience. Parents know their children’s besetting sins {Psalm 103:14} and yet they love them anyway. Indeed the more week and needy a child becomes, the more a father’s heart breaks for them. So our heavenly Father knows the depth of our sin and He loves us to the heights of heaven. He adopts us into His family, giving us His love, access to prayer, a share in the inheritance of glory and even His family resemblance.” {Timothy Keller…Songs of Jesus, page 255}

I read the above and wept. I wonder if Keller has learned this lesson the way I have, by his own experience. People asks me which child is my ‘favorite’ and I always tell them, “The one who needs me most.” I would like for all of them to feel favored. I know they see me as an old fuddy-duddy but I’m just trying to slow them down; trying to get them to think and hopefully pray, like I didn’t. You can’t imagine how deeply I regret not listening to my father’s advice.

I do know many things for certain but I do know that I fear God and He is a good, good Father. I wish that every child could know HIM as the good, good Father.


The Lord in His mercy and grace has crushed my idols one by one. I imagine Alabama football will be next. I have a knowledgeable man at Grace Point. He spent his life coaching and he is a student of sports: he said and I quote, “Alabama will probably lose two games this year. The line backers are young and inexperienced and D-line lack depth and ability.” He may be right but I’m not going to worry about it: it is what it is and that is a game. My Indians are out of it; the bullpen let them down. They could have won the critical series with the Twins if they could hold a lead which they cannot do. I’m not grieving that either. I’ll root for the Braves, Cardinals and whoever is playing the Yankees.


The Queen of Sheba {Ethiopia} was enamelers with Solomon and he with her. The Jews believe that the Queen returned to her home carrying Solomon’s child and that she became a proselyte Jew. What we know for sure is that there was a colony of African Jews dwelling in the edge of Ethiopia. The Muslims began killing them in the 1930’s. Small groups of these African Jews migrated to Israel before the great persecution began in the 70’s. The Muslims began killing them and putting them in concentration camps. The MASSAD {Jewish CIA} organized a team to go in undercover and began a rescue operation. Working with the CIA, Navy and Air Force, the MASSAD and Navy Seals {Jewish} saved thousands. Today there is a colony of Ethiopian Jews living in Israel. They are referred to as Beta Jews if you want to research it. They have had a difficult time assimilating but many of them have found a home in the military.

Ethiopian Jew

History And Humor

There are several books that didn’t make the cannon, some refer to them as inter-testamental books. They are Esdras, Tobias, Judith, Book of Wisdom, Sirach of Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, Susanna and 1-2 Maccabees. There are also some additional chapters to Esther. I have read some of them before but not all. Currently I am reading Ecclesiasticus which are saying by Jesus son of Sirach. Here is just a few of the sayings from chapter 25…

~Happy the husband of a sensible wife

~Happy is the speaker who has an attentive audience {threw this one in for preachers}

~There is no venom deadlier than a snake’s and no anger deadlier than a woman’s.

~I would sooner live with a lion or a serpent than share the house with a malicious wife. Her spite changes her expression, making her look as surly as a bear.

~She is so bad that her husband goes to the neighbors for his meals and he cannot repress his bitter sigh.

~There is nothing so bad as a bad wife, may the fate of the wicked overtake her.

~It is easier for an old man to climb a sand-dune as for a quiet husband to live with a garrulous wife.

~If a man is supported by his wife {allows her to make the living} he must expect tantrums, effrontery, humiliation.

~ Depression, downcast looks and a broken heart are all caused by a worthless wife.

~Feeble of hand and weak of knees is the man whose wife fails to bring him happiness.

~Sin began with a woman and because of her we all die.

The Son of Sirach wasn’t high on women was he? What would the left do if they got a hold of this: thankfully, it did not make the cannon.


*Pray for those being treated for cancer: Shirley, Tracey, Lilly and the 34 year old man that Cindy mentioned Wednesday night.

*Pray for President Trump and for REVIVAL in America. Pray for Franklin Graham’s N.C. crusades coming up in October. Wouldn’t it be fitting for REVIVAL to break out in the home state of Billy Graham.

*Prayer for our REVIVAL November 3-6 with Tim Keenum and Doug Seaver

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