Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you.

~Proverbs 9:7, NIV


A word to the wise should be sufficient.

~ Titus Maccius Plautus

This year I am using Timothy Keller’s devotion on the Proverbs and enjoying it immensely. I never remember seeing the word ‘comeuppance’ until the other day as I was reading his daily devotion. Comeuppance, according to the Oxford dictionary means a punishment or fate that someone deserves. Wisdom 101 states: all choices have consequences and bad choice produce bad consequences. What does alcoholism [drinking], anorexia and drug addiction have in common? They are all destructive to the body and the mind and all will produce unpleasant and even disastrous consequences. How do you help a person who is involved in destructive behavior?

Good friends help us grow by being honest with us. They confront us with our weakness and our unacceptable behavior. I heard a story this past Sunday about a Church of Christ Preacher in the Guntersville area. He showed out so bad at little league games [he was the coach] that his elders called a meeting. They practiced some tough love: in brief they said, “Make a decision today. You can be a little league coach or you can pastor our church but you can’t do both.” He gave it a minutes thought and then said, “I’ll give up the little league.” It’s a good thing I’m Baptist, right!

Our CC Pastor was a wise man. He took the rebuke and became a better man for doing so. Unfortunately, such a rebuke doesn’t work with the unwise. They do not appreciate you for telling them the truth; matter of fact, they get angry with you began bad mouthing you all over town. Keller says, “Rebuke an unwise person and it can make them worse than before. More determined than ever to continue in their destructive behavior.” I think Keller is right.

I’m almost sure I forgot to post the Blog last night: sorry I am late. Went to Doctor yesterday and got bad news, not real bad, but not good. I am pre-diabetic and have to go on a strict diet. No sugar at all–none. I am depressed already. But I am also thankful; it could have been a lot worse. I do need a little prayer: got a couple of things on my agenda that are making me anxious. Continue to pray for President Trump and Franklin Graham. The Gay Mafia got two of Franklin’s UK venues shut down. I am praying for God to open up four to replace the two.

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