A wicked messenger falls into trouble, but a trustworthy envoy brings healing.

~Proverbs 13:17, NIV


It is the nature of the human heart to deceive and hide the truth to serve it’s own interest.

~Timothy Keller

Modern technology has changed the way we do messaging. For example, in King David’s era, messages were sent by persons. This was also true in Paul’s day. He sent letters but they were delivered by a personal friend like Timothy or Titus. The good thing about the letter was that Timothy or whoever could simply deliver the letter and say, “This is from Paul.” When civic leaders wanted to get word out, they used ‘heralds.’ The herald would simply stand on the square or the center of the village and shout the kings message. He read it word for word. These days we live in the culture of FAKE NEWS. The main stream media has been losing credibility for years and presently, they have reached an all time low. They do not report facts. Everything they do and say is skewed by their own twisted ideology. In other words, they have a bias and a hidden agenda.

A young man asks me last night at the Danville/Brewer game. What is the most difficult problem you face as a pastor. I told him what I am about to tell you. I have been trying to lead churches for over 50 years and I can tell you, the number one problem in Baptist churches is the HIDDEN AGENDA. I wish everyone would be up front about their intentions but it doesn’t work this way. I have also discovered that good men can cause more trouble than bad ones. Vain ambition is not a good thing. I came out of seminary green as timber and I thought the call of the church meant that I was the pastor, the visible leader of the church. I got a rude awakening. I discovered early on that some laymen want to compete for the key leadership roll. They do not want to study, pray and preach–they simply want to be the key decision maker. I call this the “Pharaoh Complex.” They want to lord over God’s children. God can not or will not bless a church under the leadership of a Pharaoh.

Call them turf wars, power struggles, or whatever but understand this: you are tampering with the fellowship of the body of Christ and you will be held accountable. God will lead through the pastor who is the under shepherd. It is unethical to have a meeting before the meeting…to line up your ducks in order to get what you want. The right way is to come under God’s authority and to work with those He has put in charge. It is not about your way or my way: it is about HIS way and the way to determine this is by much prayer.

I am glad to see sports get kicked off in our schools. I think it is a step in the right direction. Our game lasted a long time but I think that was due to so many passes. The concession stand ran out of food but I guess that too is a good problem. I am still concerned about college football. The left is doing everything they can to disrupt our way of life and they have their hidden agenda. Everything they do is motivated by their hate for Trump and for the REPUBLIC. The Big-Ten is catching hades for their lame decision. I just hope the SEC and ACC stick to their guns.

Josie is in a Volley Ball tournament today: Big Mama and I are going to tag team. I have some more preparations to make for tomorrow.

Two very serious pray request: Gregg Holladay has gotten progressive worse and is now unable to walk. They are trying to get the doctors to do something different. Tracey B. Prater is still making trips to Houston. Matter of fact: we have three ladies on our cancer prayer list: Tracey B, Sharon {no last name} and Sandra Sharp. Please pray for these ladies and for Greg.

I am having problems with WORD PRESS. So do not be shocked in you don’t get a blog in the future. Hopefully, things will get worked out.

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