Deep Dissatisfaction


We love, because He first loved us.

~I John 4:19


Only Jesus can love you perfectly.


It is natural for us to expect other humans to fulfill our needs; especially our emotional needs to be affirmed, accepted and loved unconditionally. I do admit a mothers love comes close but no one can love perfectly other than Jesus. Jesus has two big advantages over mothers: He is God which means His love is Divine and He knows us better than any human can ever know us. This means He can understand when no one else does. There is no better illustration than marriage. When Mr. Right meets Miss Right and they fall madly in love; this erotic love is an obsession. You want to be with them every moment. You don’t see any of their faults. You love them so much you could eat them up. You think to yourself, “She/he is what I need.” One of my brother in laws said before marrying my sister, “Man, just let us get hitched and everything is going to alright.” You can tell when people are in love but you can’t tell them much. Daddy use to refer to it as being moon-struck or under a spell. He was probably right. The erotic love is not going to last: it will fizzle eventually. What else can it do; after all it is human and highly conditional. At some point in your life, agapaō must become greater than eros. Eros is not only a sexual love, it is a selfish-need love. It can be childish and immature. It suffers greatly when sickness and aging occur. It is no sin for you or your spouse to confess that you need more.

Men pretend to be fixers, we imagine ourselves to be Knights in shining armor. We show up to save the day. Yeah right, in our dreams. In reality, we cannot fix everything. We can’t mend the broken. We cannot meet the deep emotional and spiritual needs of our spouse. Go ahead and try if you want but you are destined to fail. Your wife needs Jesus more than she needs you. Can you forgive her sins? Can you present her spotless before the throne? Can you understand her deep longings? Do you understand her at all? We humans fail. That is what we do and we fall exceedingly short when it comes to loving others. I don’t care who you are, at some point you are going to be hurt or disappointed in someone you love. No marriage is threatened by the love of Jesus: think of it as a triangle with the man and woman on the bottom and Jesus on the top. The closer you get to Jesus, the closer you get to each other.


Man                                                                                                                              Woman


Today is the Pastor golf outing and I am thrilled to have a legitimate excuse. The arthritis in my right hand will not let me grip the club. I have trouble gripping a fork. Just when you get use to beautiful weather: you get another arctic blast in the middle of the night. No worries, Spring is around the corner. One more month to go.

Daylight saving time will begin March 13, my Daddy’s birth date. He was born in 1911. He would be 111 if my math is right. He lives on, I see him in Joe David and Hannah. Holly is also like him in her giving. When Hannah makes those pop in visits and stays all of five minutes: I say to her, “What did you come after Eugene, a hot cold?” Young people don’t understand this idiom but in the days when matches were hard to come by, folks would borrow a hot cold from the neighbors to start a fire. You had to get it in a hurry or it would go out.

My grands left happy this morning…lt is FRIDAY! Every grand we have would quit school in a heartbeat with the exception of Ty who loves the social atmosphere and the sports. Ryder says no college for him. He is going to learn a trade. What is it about the Bailey off spring and school.

Prayer Partners: thank you for your support. Yesterday was a great day in the study and I need two more to get ready for next week. I will be speaking nine times in four days. Four times this Sunday, so I need some extra strength and a lot of grace. I am both excited and thankful for the opt.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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