Demonic Worship


It is not possible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins. 

~Hebrews 10:4, NLT


It took a perfect sacrifice from a perfect person to perfect an imperfect people and please a perfect God.

~Eugene Peterson/J.B. Bailey

Animal sacrifice continued in Judaism until the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. The followers of Christ ceased to sacrifice animals after the resurrection. This is because Jesus was the perfect sacrifice and the only sacrifice acceptable to the Father. From Genesis one it was all about Jesus. Every lamb sacrificed in the O.T. was a dim shadow of the coming perfect sacrifice. The sacrifices were a vital part of worship. They were horrible object lessons that depicted the nature of sin. Sin always brings death, even to the innocent. Abel died because of Cain’s sin. David’s son died because of David’s sin. Jesus died because of my sin. Everything points to Jesus. This is what infuriated the Jews about Paul and Apollos: both were apologist. Paul had the better theology but Appollos was eloquent and knew the scripture by heart. Either of them could take the O.T. scriptures and prove that Christ was the Messiah. Most Jews refused to listen. Their conception of a Messiah had to do with politics, power and dominion. They were looking for another David. Someone to lead them into battle and deliver them from Rome. They lacked the humility to acknowledge their error or to open their hearts to the gospel.

I understand that some Jews were arrested in Jerusalem recently for trying to sacrifice a kid [goat] on the Temple mount. God does not desire the blood of goats or any other animal. Jesus sacrifice of Himself is the only sacrifice desired and accepted by the holy Father, period! These misguided Jews were not worshiping God. Sacrificing a goat is sacrilege; it is a repudiation of the atoning sacrifice of Christ and it borders on the demonic. I can promise you, I want no part of it. The scriptures plainly teach that God does everything through Jesus; He even created the world through Jesus. John 1:3, God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him. Peace, salvation, hope, love, purpose, heaven…you name it…it comes to us through Jesus. Paul said in Ephesians one, All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ. Every spiritual blessing comes via our relationship with Christ. Listen folks, the Jews are no exception. There is only one door, one gate, one way and that is Jesus. They will bow to Him or they will not inherit the Kingdom. They may rebuild a temple, they may even re-institute animal sacrifice but it will be an act of rebellion and in that case, a goat would be a fitting sacrifice. I must say what they despise hearing…JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY.

We do praise God for another great weekend and two good worship services yesterday. We had drive-in communion at the POINT and it was a good service. Kids you want believe it, I sang at the end of the service and Big Mama complimented me. Her exact words were: “It sounded good on the radio.” We did not tape the service, so you’ll just have to take her word for it. I know Gregg and others will be disappointed that it is not on tape. The Moose sung only one song at DBC that I knew so I wasn’t much help there but I did enjoy all the songs.

We had another promotion, another election virus death. Sue Shelton, one of our widows passed away in the nursing home. I am telling you folks, the restrictions from the virus are killing more people than the virus but no one seems to care. This is the second one in the last three weeks. When you isolate someone and cut them off from their family; loneliness kills them. The reason you don’t understand– it has not happened to you. History will prove that the government malfeasance has done much more harm than the virus. How desperately we need one big entity to say, “enough, we are not doing this anymore.” It does not appear that this is going to happen. Even baseball has bowed to the god of political correctness. If we can make it to November, something will change. The problem is: I do not know what will change. If the democrats take the White House, the virus will disappear over night. If they don’t, I look for BLM to go on another tour. You know there are no reported cases among the Amish: they don’t have TV.

Jennifer sent me Vellene’s address and I misplaced it. Don’t forget to send her cards. I will give her a call today. This isolation is hard on our senior adults. Also, Gregg Holladay hurt his back and has surgery tomorrow. Pray for Gregg.

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