Don’t Stoop When You Need To Stand


“But even if He {God} doesn’t {save from you}, we want to make it clear to you, Your Majesty, that we will never serve your gods or worship the gold statue you have set up.”

~Daniel 3:18, NLT


Courage doesn’t need a crowd, just a conviction.

~Erwin W. Lutzer

We are caught in a cultural war whether we like it or not. When a ship has been torpedoed by the enemy and there is a gashing hole in the hull, one is forced to make a choice: surrender to the enemy, swim or sink with the ship. It is not always possible to hide in the safe confines to the ship; not when it has been attacked by an aggressive enemy. Most professing Christians have tried to hide; to pretend that there is no enemy and no war. They do not want to hear the truth. They want to be neutral, apolitical. They prefer not to be involved in a cultural war but what they don’t understand is this–The ship has taken a hit and it is about to go down and eventually they will have to surrender, swim or sink. There are no other choices; they will not be able to hide in the gray area because it will not exist. The far left is pressing its agenda and ideology on everyone and those who do not conform to their ways will be canceled, condemned, censured, and destroyed if need be. They have access to private information via social media and they will not hesitate to use it even if it means destroying another person’s career, reputation or even life. I have seen things in the last decade that I never dreamed of seeing. At present, we don’t know who is calling the shots but we know that the decisions are coming from the far left.

Ten years ago, I did not know what ‘wokeness’ meant; matter of fact, it was not even a word. The term woke originally meant that one was aware of injustice but that is not what it means today. Wokeness today refers to a radical leftist interpretation civil rights and what they term “social justice.” One of its toxic byproducts is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. If you disagree with the left, you are a bigot and a racist. You are deplorable and unteachable and ultimately, you must be eliminated. They follow the same basic road map that Hitler followed and trust me, propaganda is the biggest tool in their shed. Perhaps you are thinking: I am a Christian but I am not taking a stand. O yes you will! They will force you to take a stand or to capitulate and conform to their wishes. Nebuchadnezzer thought he had to power to make everyone bow to his image, but he was mistaken. The Hebrew boys refused to bow. I love the three Hebrew boys, they are my heroes. There were no neutrals in the crowd that day; it was the world verses three Hebrew children. You either stood on your convictions or bowed to their convictions. No other choices were available.

Don’t think that I have a lot of courage, I am hidden in anonymity. The only reason they have not attack me personally is that I am a very small fish in a very large pond. They have not spotted me yet. I need you to pray for me that when they do, I will remain strong. They can ruin your reputation, your bank account and make your life miserable. This is why high profile personalities don’t want to upset them by saying something politically incorrect. Recently a rap singer named Kanye West told the truth about the rich Jews in America and what they are doing to undermine the Republic. He has been censured and has suffered a huge financial lost. You don’t disagree with these folks without paying a price. They accused West of being like Hitler when actually, they are the one acting like Hitler.


Praise the LORD, I love rain. I love good books and currently I am reading three new ones and one that I have read once before. Erwin Lutzer has a new book, NO REASON TO HIDE {Standing for Christ in a Collapsing Culture}. Got the IMPRIMIS in the mail. This months article is on the imbalance of administrating in Education. We are top heavy. Most of our tax money goes to administrators rather than to teaches and students. Read it for yourself…just google IMPRIMIS.

Have a great Friday…Thanks for reading the blog.


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