Don’t Trouble The Rabbi


Your daughter is dead; trouble the Rabbi no further.

~Luke 8:49, NEB


It’s never over until Jesus says it’s over.


I love the story of Jesus raising Jarius’ 12 year old daughter. Jesus was known far and wide as a healer but the closer He got to the cross, the more He revealed that He was much, much more. The professional mourners knew death when they saw it because they saw it often: they made their living mourning the dead. Luke states clearly that the mourners “knew that she was dead,” and they laughed when Jesus told them that she was not dead, only taking a nap. They had sent Jarius a message while he was enroute, “Don’t bother bringing Jesus, the situation here is hopeless.” {JEV} Well praise God, they were wrong and Jesus was right–what’s new! Death doesn’t have the last word, Jesus has the last word!

A couple of key lessons to learn: number one is to pray on. You are not troubling Jesus when you pray and you should pray for anything that concerns you big or small. Remember, HIS thoughts are not on our level, they are infinitely higher, and there is no big or small to HIM. Whatever you need, you keep coming to the Master. Number two: never judge things by their appearance. Things are seldom what they appear to be. As a matter of fact, your first analysis or judgment will probably be wrong. This is one of the first rules of counseling: don’t jump to conclusions quickly. It takes time to sort things out so be careful about jumping to conclusions–you may land on a lie.

I finally got in bed at a decent hour and so I got up earlier this morning which is why you have the early blog. As you know, I don’t watch the news but I know there is a lot going on in DC and most of it is not good. The only one I trust up there is Donald Trump. I have no confidence in the media, they are spin doctors and I have no confidence in congress other than the coach. I don’t trust dems or republicans. My ultimate confidence is in Christ. I am looking to HIM, not them. I don’t know what the future holds but I do know who holds the future and it is not Nancy Pelosi.

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