Encourage My People


Our God said, “Encourage My people! Speak kindly to Jerusalem and announce: Your slavery is past and your punishment is over.”

~Isaiah 40:1, CEV


Be the reason someone smiles today: share the Good News!

~Image Quotes

I can’t imagine anyone enjoying bad news. I know I personally do not like bad news which is the reason I do not watch TV news–it’s depressing and it makes me angry. I love good news and I love to be the bearer of good news. I am reading through Isaiah and from Isaiah 13 to Isaiah 39, it is judgment, judgment, judgement. When I opened Isaiah to chapter 40 and began reading, I wanted to shout. After all that judgment, I was ready for some encouragement. It is true that God’s word convicts me but it also comforts me and Chapter 40 is one of the most comforting passages in the bible. Isaiah said, “Be encouraged, our God is coming!”

Isaiah was right on target: Our God did come in the person of Jesus and as Isaiah predicted, He revealed the glory of God. Isaiah said, “Our God is here and He rules.” He is the incomparable One, the eternal One who needs no advice or counsel from men. He is the creator and sustainer of all that is and he can bring rulers and nations to nothing. He created the stars and gave them names: He leads them like a shepherd. He is the LORD God who give strength to the weary and yet He never tires or grows weary Himself. So we can relax; God is in control. Everything is going according to His plan. Back in Isaiah 35 the LORD said…Here is a message for all who are weak and worried: “Cheer up! Don’t be afraid. Your God is coming to subdue all your enemies.” Jesus is coming and He will take care of all our enemies: death, hell, the grave, lust, pride, envy, anxiety, sorrow, sickness, Satan, the flesh and the world system that hates all who follow Christ.

Another hot one predicted today. The heat index was 107 yesterday and Big Mama says today will be worse. If we had 12 months of this I would definitely move. The good thing about Alabama is that it will change but it may not be soon. Have a great day…be encouraged.

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