Everyone Needs A Safe Place


I say, “I wish I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and settle in a safe place!

~Psalm 55:6, NET


We all long for security: we want to feel safe and secure.

~Tim Childers

Tim Childers {Mike’s cousin} tells the story of the woman who was terrified of storms. I understand, we have a grand daughter that goes bezerk over a mere thunder storm. The lady that Tim talks about had a basement but that was not enough. Before his departure, she had her husband build her a special bed. The four bed post were railroad cross ties and the the top of the bed was studded with three sheets of plywood nailed on top. The bed also had walls with one door in the middle. When a storm was coming, she went to the basement, got in her bed and locked the door behind her. She felt safe and secure in the bed chamber. I have never been afraid of storms as such; of course, I have never went one on one with a tornado either but I do need a safe place; everyone does.

My safe place is my little 12X16 building. I can sing, pray, read, meditate or rest there. I love my safe place. I am very open with Jesus. I do not keep anything to myself. I talk to Him about everything that bothers me. If it is big enough to create anxiety, we talk. He is absolutely trustworthy. He has never broken a confidence and He never will. He could tell you things about me that would make your hair stand up but He will not. He doesn’t gossip or slander and he never breaks a confidence. I’ll be honest with you: I don’t know how I could survive without His friendship. My kids say that I no longer have a filter, I just say whatever pops in my mind. I hope that is not absolutely true but I am prone to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, but it is not a recent problem. It has been a life-long problem. Some of my deepest regrets are thoughtless words that created hurt for others. I need to practice the discipline of silence. I love spending time alone with Jesus because I can’t hurt His feeling by saying something stupid. I can relax in His presence; I don’t have to walk on egg shells. Humans are too sensitive and fragile for me to be around. This is why Michael Hembree and I get along so well: we can tell each other what we think without fear of hurting each others feelings.

You may need a safe place for other reasons. Children need a safe place so they can mature emotionally. Divorce has all but destroyed millions of children’s sense of security. Divorce makes them feel like they are caught in the middle with both parents completing for their support. The children do not want to take sides and so they feel vulnerable and alone. They will not open up to either parent for fear of hurting the other. Grand parents cannot meet this need, the children know that you are going to favor your child whether it be their mother of their father. A counselor gives them a safe place because the counselor never breaks the confidence. The first time I carried a grand to a counselor, I asked the counselor as soon as the session was over, “Did he open up with you? Did he tell you what was bothering him?” She said, “I am sorry but I cannot share that information.” I said, “Hey, who do you think is paying for this?” She said, “It doesn’t matter who is paying, I am not going to tell you anything.” And she didn’t and I learned not to ask. She was absolutely right, you cannot break a confidence or else the child loses his or her sense of security; of having a safe place to vent. If you don’t have a safe place, I highly recommend Jesus. With HIM, your safe place could be a tree stand or even a canoe. You just need to be alone with Him.


They say we have four pretty days in a row; if may even get up to 70*. I have a ton of things that need to be done during that time. Old Billard, my tiller, spent the winter under a tub last year: I never got him under the shed. I’ve got to get Whitey-Hughgene put up because he is old. Little John is the only tractor I have that will crank in the winter. Pizza supper tonight at the POINT. We start at 6:00. I haven’t been invited to a Christmas party yet. I may have to plan my own.


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