I shall make all My goodness pass before you…I shall be gracious to whom I shall be gracious and I shall have compassion on whom I shall have compassion.

~Exodus 33:19, REB


There is no end to God’s goodness, and there ultimately will be no end to your ability to experience it.

~Charles Stanley

I fall in love with every bible translation I read. The bad thing for those who have to listen to me preach is they never know what translation I am going to use. I love the Revised English Bible. Joe David gave me this bible is September of 18 and I didn’t start reading it until 2020. I lack most of the Pentateuch {Greek for Torah} and the books of history. This morning as I was praying, the word “glory” came up and I thought of the passage in Exodus 33. I stopped praying and opened the REB and began reading and boy was I blessed. By the way, before I forget, EX-33-REB is a formula for praise. Just read Exodus 33 in the Revised English Bible and I don’t know how your soul can remain silent.

God told Moses, “It is time for you guys to move but I am not going with you. These Israelites are so stubborn and pigheaded, I fear I might lose My patience and destroy them all.” Moses pleaded, “LORD give me a break, these are Your people, they aren’t mine. You can’t do this to me. I know how exasperating they can be, but if You do not go with us, I don’t want to go.” The LORD had mercy and agreed to go with them. Then Moses said, “LORD show me Your glory…I think I’ll be a better leader if I see Your glory.” The LORD said, “I can’t do that…You couldn’t handle it if I did… no mortal can see My glory {face to face} and live, but I will pass by and you can see the train of my glory.” Further more, the LORD said, I will show you my goodness, My grace and My compassion.” Wow! Did you hear that! Then in the very next chapter {34:6} we have the theological foundation for the character of God, “The LORD God is compassionate, gracious, and long-suffering, ever patient and true.” This is the verse Jonah quotes in his fourth chapter prayer.

Would I like to see God’s glory? What about a service in which the worshippers sit spell bound in awe, unable to even speak. What about an outbreak in praise? What about a worship center filled to capacity with folks standing in the halls watching the monitors? What about a spiritual awakening with revival spreading like a wildfire! You see, these are the things I whine about in my prayers but this morning the LORD spoke clearly: “I have shown you My goodness, My grace and My compassion, haven’t I Jack…So why are you complaining to Me when you should be praising and thanking Me?” What was I to say? He is always right!

Got this little Diddy out of STREAMS yesterday. I did edit it in a place or two and I thought it was worth sharing:

You got any rivers too wide to cross; Got any Mountains you can’t tunnel through, God specialized in the wholly impossible; He can do things that we cannot do.

This is one of the blog writer days ago and according to my office computer, it has not been published but my memory says it has and if so, I am sorry. I hope you have a great week and enjoy this heat wave. It is 55 degrees but it feels like 75.

Here is a video that will touch you if you are looking across the Jordan…

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