Faithful In Little Things


“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.” 

~Luke 16:10, NLT


Our faithfulness is small things today will lead to a giant impact tomorrow.

~Josh Melson

Before David became a great hero in battle or a great king, he was a faithful shepherd–the most lowly and despised vocation in the Middle East. Understand God uses a crockpot to develop us not a microwave. It takes time to become a disciple. In many ways David’s life is a good example: David was passionate, he had a way of LOCKING-IN.

[1] He LOCKED-IN to being the best shepherd possible, even though the task was despised and no one else in his family wanted to do it.

[2] David LOCKED-IN to obedience.

[3] David LOCKED-IN to getting the job done, even at the risk of his life.

During this LOCK DOWN why don’t we LOCK IN! During these days when we have more time to ourselves, why don’t we LOCK IN to being faithful in some of the small things that perhaps we have neglected. I am personally guilty of getting wrapped up in my job as a teacher, and wanting to win banners; so much so that I spend countless hours away from my family. Now God has given us time to be at home and to be faithful with small things. Now is a great time to LOCK-IN on your daily prayer time, your devotional time and your family time. It is time to LOCK-IN on our purpose and the role we should play in God’s kingdom. Our faithfulness in small things to day will have a Giant impact on tomorrow.

So this is my challenge to Students and Adults:

[1] LOCK-IN to your prayer life. Put social media aside until you’ve done your quiet time. Try to discipline yourself to at least 30 minutes.

[2] LOCK-IN to a personal devotion. You can finds lots of devotional helps online.

[3] LOCK-IN to your role. Write down what role God has you to play and ways you can glorify Him by doing your part.

[4] LOCK-IN to keeping a Journal. Record daily insights from your bible reading, prayers and pray request, significant events that happen. This will be a huge encouragement to you.


Today’s Blog insights come from Josh Melson, the YOUTH Pastor at Grace Point. He also teaches vocational agriculture at Brewer High School. Josh has been an answer to prayer. He is not only gifted with youth, he is great with media and he can fill the pulpit when I am absent. We are blessed to have Josh on staff at GPBC.

The LORD answers prayers even trivial ones or should I say small ones. He graciously gave us enough sunshine yesterday for me to flush the toilet. My working conditions have improved dramatically. I sure wish Trump could get his had on the handle of the toilet in Washington D.C. Pelosi is beginning to stink up the entire country. Is she a piece of work or what! I don’t understand why the gays vote for her. I don’t understand why anyone would.

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