Falling Apart



You have shaken the land and torn it open. Fix its cracks, because it is falling apart.

~Psalm 60:2, NiRV


Human pride will be brought down, and human arrogance will be humbled.

~Isaiah the Prophet

If Isaiah was alive today, he might be able to tell us what would happen next. As for me, I don’t have a clue. To be honest with you; I did not foresee many of the things that have already occurred. I was uneasy about the election but I never dreamed they would actually cheat in such a bold and blatant way. We all know that the Dems have counted on their dead voters before but the fraud of the last election is unprecedented. They got away with it because they have the media in their pocket. I wonder what the left is thinking now? They have far to much pride to admit they made a bad mistake but everyone knows, including them, that with Donald Trump in the White House, Russia and China would stay within their borders. Our enemies are preying on our pathetic weakness. We don’t have a president, we don’t have a visible leader. Someone is leading but we have no idea who. The entire thing is so clandestine that the real leader cannot emerge. This gives our enemies the boldness they need to be aggressive. Like the game of basketball: many times the underdog plays very aggressively and if the officials don’t call it, the aggression works in their favor. Step two could be China taking Taiwan or North Korea invading the South.

Whatever happens; one thing is certain, we have faults or cracks and our nation is on the verge of falling apart. Only God can fix the cracks. Human help is worthless. It is our pride and rebellion that has gotten us into this mess and the simple solution is to repent. But a big part of repentance is turning from evil. To this point, we haven’t even acknowledged our evil, let alone repented. I am praying for the guilty to step forward and confess their crime. If we aren’t willing to make the wrong things right; we have little hope. ¬†America has lost its integrity and with that goes our strength. Joe Biden or Jimmy Carter: it doesn’t matter. Both are weak and both excite our enemies. It is going to get worse unless we get a strong and visible leader.


I guess the weekend blog will become my political rant. During the Bible study last week I got on my soap box and after the session was over; one of my sweet cousins hugged me and said, “I enjoyed your rant.” Probably not everyone enjoyed it. Trust me, I want what is best for my kids and grandkids and that is a free America.

Josh texted: His grand daddy is in critical condition and so is Mary’s grandmother so pray for Josh and Mary.

The boys have a baseball game today in Huntsville but I think I will beg out. It is too cold and the wind gives me a headache and I cannot afford to be up half the night with a headache with tomorrow being Sunday. We had two days last week near 70 degrees and we will have three next week. Why don’t they schedule games by the weather?

Jackson is growing like a weed. He is six weeks old and weighs 11 pounds. He eats every two hours and the most he has ever sleep in three. At this rate, it is going to take a village to raise him. Right now Hannah and Lexi tag team but Big Mama in getting into the rotation when Lexi goes back to work. Big Mama is afraid he is going to get so heavy she can’t lift him. He likes to eat, poop, ride and be rocked and in that order.

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