Fixed On Jesus


Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith {salvation} depends from beginning to end.

~Hebrews 12:2, GNT


My hope is in Jesus because He is greater than anything I face.

~Charles Stanley

As we begin this new year we are faced with a lot of challenges. We have lost the best president of my life time and I never thought I would say that because of my deep admiration for Ronald Reagan who was a great speech maker. Donald Trump was a man of the people. He did not cater to the media elites, the Sadducees {billionaires}, the entertainers, mega-corporations or the Washington insiders: he did what was best for the common people who can’t afford to live in a gated community like our good congressmen, judges, entertainers, college presidents and wealthy athletes. Now we face a hostile political party that is opposed to everything we believe: the sanctity of life, marriage, the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ, the inspiration of scripture, etc. Plus our basic freedoms are not in jeopardy: the right to free speech, to assemble, to attend worship, to bear arms and to own property. Not only do we have these things to consider; we have Covid-19 which was created in a Chinese lab to sabotage the Trump administration. Yet the covid did not remove Trump, the Washington mafia had to resort to cheating. The challenges we face seem overwhelming.

I talked to one of my best friends about this challenge today after worship and we both agreed– the only thing to do is fix our eyes on Jesus. Why? Because Jesus is greater than all the challenges we face and He will lead us through this mess one way or the other. His word, grace and guidance are all we need. I don’t need democrats. The only people who need democrats are the big corps, the flaky civil rights groups who want to legitimize their perversion. I certainly don’t need the spineless republicans like Aderholt and Shelby. They didn’t just betray and back stab the President, they betrayed us and then Shelby had the gall to come out of hiding and take credit for a stimulus package that had pork in it for all his cronies. I don’t need a stimulus: I need the federal government to stay out of my business.

Bottom line: I’m going to bed in a little while and sleep like a 17 year old and LORD willing I will have my egg and sausage in the morning with a cup of coffee because my faith is not in Biden, who is actually a puppet on a string. I also have news for the Washington Mafia: they can only do what God allows them to do and Jesus will have the last word and they will be on their knees with their faces in the dirt when they hear Him speak it.

I feel better now. I have do a political rant every now and then just to lower my BP. Good trip to the mountains but believe it or not, I was thrilled to get home and get back in the saddle. Marathon day yesterday but I am not complaining; I do love what God has called me to do. I just want to thank all my prayer partners and they are many. I know the truth: if you folks were not praying for me, I could not do the things I do. I depend on your intercession. We have two more COLS on our schedule next week and I preach at the Pastor’s Conference in the morning. I am going to go ahead and post this blog and I have another for tomorrow.

Thank you Jim and Belinda Childers for the Charles Stanley devotional: I LOVE IT.

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