Focus On Jesus


“This is My Son, marked by My love, focus of My Delight. Listen to Him.”

~Matthew 17:5, MSG


In Jesus is not your focus, you are looking in the wrong direction.


I am loving the Message and the insights it sparks. Matthew 17 came alive to me the other day, the inspirational sparks were flying left and right. Chapter 17 begins with this simple line, “Six days later, three of them saw Jesus glory.” My first thought…“I must be among the nine. Why I can’t I be in the inner circle and see the glorious. I’m stuck at the foot of the mountain trying to exorcise a demon and having no success.” Can you identify with me or feel my pain? I admit, my first thought was rather selfish but then I saw something else. Peter, like Jack, is running his mouth simply because the silence is terrifying him. He didn’t really have anything of substance to say, then God’s VOICE overshadowed his voice. When He heard God speak, he shut up! God’s voice muted Peter, it put his ringer on silence.

Peter is blown away by the presence of Moses and Elijah. Peter may have been Catholic because he wanted to build a shrine in honor of Moses, Elijah and Jesus. Jesus didn’t want a shrine; He wanted Peter to shut up and listen. Peter needed help getting his focus solely on Jesus, so God enveloped them in the glory cloud and Moses and Elijah disappeared. When the cloud lifted all Peter could see was Jesus which is exactly what God wanted him to see. Our focus is not to be on the great spiritual leaders of the past but solely on Jesus. Moses and Elijah can’t save us. Worship and sacrifice can’t save us; only Jesus can save us. Even today, orthodox Jews focus on Elijah. The observance of Passover then and now, has Elijah’s return as the focus. Peter asks Jesus, “Why do our Jewish scholars say that Elijah must come first?” Jesus said, “Elijah does come first and get things ready.” Jesus said, “He has already come and they didn’t recognize him. They treated him {John the Baptist} like dirt and they will do the same to me.”

The Jews made a horrible mistake by not focusing on Jesus. May God help us not to make the same mistake.

Hey, the heat wave comes in today, going to get up to 48*. Its going to warm up and rain. Today is hump day; have a good one.

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