Foul Communication


A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.

~Proverbs 11:22, NLT


You can’t draw fresh water from a salty pool.

~James, the brother of Our LORD

I love book stores and I am bad about buying books that are on sale whether I need them or not. Many times I bring them home, put them on the shelf and sometime never read them but then again, providential, I will pick one up and began reading. I did this with Ray Comfort’s devotional on Proverbs. I started reading it in 2018 but didn’t finish and I picked it up again in January and haven’t missed a day. Ray is good for me. He is a soul winner and almost every devotion is on witnessing to the lost which is not my strength. But the devotion I read yesterday in Ray’s book was different. Ray loves to share his faith and he goes to the college campuses near his home and talks to the kids about Jesus. This guy has no fear when it comes to sharing Jesus.

Concerning his on campus experience Ray writes…I find it heartbreaking that most every college student uses filthy language, even the females. It chills my blood to hear a beautiful young girl talk like a truck driver or sailor. I guess I just expect more from the fairer sex. A precious jewel should never be found on a hog whether it is a gold ring a necklace of pearls. What I hear from these students is so profane it makes my hair curl and I can’t help but think of Isaiah’s experience…Woe am I for I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell amongst a people of unclean lips.” Hey, I agree with Ray and since I do not work in the public setting, I don’t have to put up with filthy language. When people begin using bad language I dismiss myself.

I do not like foul mouth women. There is not a woman on this planet that can redeem herself in my eyes once I hear the foul language come out her mouth. It is repulsive and disgusting and my respect meter drops. I have not been around one for a long time but I meet them growing up and I lost all respect for them. But it is not just women that bother me: recently I heard about the foul mouth of the Chief Justice of the U.S. and I am here to tell you: no one who talks like that should judge anyone. I hate to sound self-righteous but foul mouthed people are not qualified to judge anyone. A filthy mouth is a dead give-a-way. It indicates a person has no fear of God, no respect for decency and a huge void in wisdom. A person who cannot communicate without vulgar expletives is devoid of true intellect. You expect this kind of talk from the ignorant and the extremely foolish but not from judges, politicians, physicians and coaches. Practically everyone in our family pulled for Duke until we learned to read Mike Krzyzewski’s lips. Recently, within the last year, a young Christian man who is a phenomenal basketball player had a visit with the University of Alabama basketball program. They turned him off completely. The coach allowed filthy vulgar talk in the locker room and he wanted no part of it. This bothers me folks and it should bother everyone.

Well, it is my favorite day of the week and I am excited about getting to share God’s word one more time. What a privilege.

My friend Jimmy Newby passed away yesterday morning around 11:00 am. It is a sad loss for me. I am thankful for the visit we had at Christmas but I never dreamed it would be our last. Take nothing for granted folks: cherish every moment. I got more bad news yesterday: Pruett Livingstone is on the vent with covid. I heard he was in Decatur, then later in the day Huntsville. I think his sister Kathy also has covid. I forgot to mention it but Betty and Kenneth Harpe were in a wreck last week and Kenneth is in Birmingham recovering from surgery.

On a good note: I love this weather. Going to get to 77 degrees today and I am wearing a fat-boy shirt. I hope you have a great day and hope to see you at either Grace Point or Danville.

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