Glimmer Or Glory


“Make eleven curtains of goat-hair cloth to serve as a tent covering for the Tabernacle.”

~Exodus 26:7, NASB


We are perishing from lack of wonder {awe} not lack of wonders {breath taking edifices}.

~G.K. Chesterton

God gave Moses instructions to build a Tabernacle, a tent for worship. One of the things on my bucket list is to visit one of the two replicas of the Tabernacle here in the U.S. I understand there is one in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and one in Orlando. It is one of those things, I keep putting off. The covering {outer tent} of the Tabernacle was made from goat-hair, ram skins and badger skins. I think these things represent the plain, the ordinary, the common; yea even inexpensive. Moses followed God’s instructions to the T and God blessed his obedience. For years, God’s glory dwelt in and over the Tabernacle. In the day time it was a dark cloud like thick smoke and at night is turned to brilliant fire or light. As I was reading today, I had this thought: which would I rather see, the Temple of Solomon and its synthetic man made glory or the Tabernacle and the Shekinah glory?

A Brazilian billionaire had contracted a Temple like Solomons and it cost 300 million dollars and will seat 10,000 people. Obviously, it would be sight worth seeing, but if I had to pick between getting to see the actual Temple of Solomon and the Tabernacle: I would take the Tabernacle without hesitation. My reason being, with the Tabernacle, you get the glory of God, the Shekinah glory cloud which was a clear manifestation of God’s presence and power. My heart aches for Tabernacle worship. Humans are impressed with bricks and mortar, chandeliers hanging from high ceiling and marvel floors but God is not. Building a fancy elaborate edifice was not God’s idea because he knew men would worship the building instead of worshipping Him. We don’t need fancy buildings: if covid has taught us anything, it has taught us this–the building is not the church.

No my friend, I will take the plain, the simple, the common with God’s glory and you can have the expensive buildings. Expensive buildings do not meet any of my spiritual needs. I hunger and thirst for the manifestation of God’s glory. We don’t need newer, bigger, more modern buildings, we need REVIVAL.

What about this weather? It is over 70 here at the Eastern Gate HQ. I have my widows up and may be forced to turn on the AC. It is a beautiful day and I am looking forward to the services tomorrow.

Called to check on Jimmy last night: didn’t get any good news; barring a miracle, Jimmy will not make it but I am going to keep praying. Clara Miller did get home. She was tired from all the traveling and procedures but hopefully she will get some quality rest at home. LW, I will see Clara this evening. Mrs. June is fixing her a care package.

I also have three sweet ladies on my heart: Marie, Renee and Michelle. Marie’s husband and the girls dad will be buried today. I know it is a tough day for them and you will never meet three nicer people. Our hearts go out to these girls during this time of loss.

I hope you have a great day and great weekend.

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