God Is Great and He Is Good!


The LORD is slow to anger and great in power.

~Nahum 1:3, NASB


Without God greatness, the galaxies would be a junkyard of banged up stars and planets and without His goodness, evil would destroy the world.

~Julie Ackerman Link

June had two doctor appointments yesterday, one in Birmingham at 9:30 and one in Nashville at 3:00. By the grace of God we made both. The clinic in Nashville is located in the old One Hundred Oaks shopping mall. When we got out of the truck, the sunshine felt wonderful and it was an amazing 70 degrees with a slight breeze. I looked up and one direction I saw I-65 with thousands of cars and trucks zooming by and in the other was the old majestic shopping mall with hundreds of people going in and out.  I looked up into the big blue sky and said, “LORD, YOU are something. Anyone who can create a day like this and all these people going to and fro–Wow, You have to be powerful.” We left so early that I didn’t get to do all my devotions and when I got home from Nashville, Julie Link of ODB was one of the first things I read and I leaned back and said, “Wow!” I agree with Julie, God is great and God is good. If He were not, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It breaks my heart that the majority do not recognize His greatness and His goodness. Perhaps they do and I just am not aware that they do. I know one thing: I want to praise HIM for HIS infinite greatness.

By the way, I want to thank God for the country. I was born country and country is what I love, not city. I wouldn’t have Nashville or Birmingham if you gave them to me; not unless I could redeem them for cash and build us a fellowship hall at the POINT, buy us three new vans to haul kids and a huge electronic sign. I want one that is gaudy.  I want one the size of a bill board. Then I would pay my kids out of debt and send a few million to Guatemala. I’d also build a retirement home right beside DBC with a JACK’s right beside it.

Evidently Holly knows how much anxiety a city creates for me: she and her family was in Nashville yesterday and she came to the Mall to send me packing. I argued a little but I didn’t put up much of a fight. I felt like shouting when I got to Columbia, but 1120 Iron Man, we are talking heaven. If you offered me a mansion in the middle of Music City, with servants, an a monthly income in exchange for 1120 Iron Man, I would turn it down in a heart beat. Some of you think I am kidding: I assure, I am not. I don’t know how those folks live so jammed up together. I need space; sometimes, lots of space. I will take the long way home, just to get in space.


Keep praying for our Cancer Warriors and especially my sister Holly who is not having a good week. You probably want see me much the next few days, I have a killer schedule. I am taking things one at a time but I have a lot on my plate. The Winter Bible starts at Sardis Springs Sunday evening and I am not ready.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog. Enjoy this weather: isn’t it wonderful!


Quote of the Day

Discouragement is not the fruit of humility, it is the fruit of pride.

~Francis Fenelon

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