Heaven–A Gated Community


The angel who spoke with me carried a gold measuring-rod, to measure the city, its wall, and its gates. 

~Revelation 21:15, NEB


The only real security is eternal security.


A lot of people take the descriptions of heaven literally and that is a mistake. John is using metaphors to describe the beauty and grandeur of heaven but you must understand, heaven is infinitely greater than any metaphor John could use or that we could understand. Gold is a symbol of purity: I am not saying the streets are not made of gold, I am saying they are made of something pure and priceless. We are told that heaven has walls and gates and these metaphors speak of security. June and I came from Priceville by way of Red Bank road this past Sunday. It is very close to a gated community. Matter of fact I saw one mansion that had a huge gate [shut by the way] and a fence. Due to the rise in crime and violence, there are gated communities all across this county. There is one very near Sun Trust Park in Atlanta. You cannot enter these communities without the proper code or credentials. Joe Public is not allowed. I suppose these gated communities give people a feeling of security. These walls that John describes in the REVELATION are over 200 feet thick. That is a thick wall.

The point is–heaven is a secure place because Jesus has made it secure by the shedding of His blood. Actually, our security is in a person and not a place. The devil was once in heaven. Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us, we can trust that it is a secure place where there will be no fear, nothing to threaten our security. Can you imagine a life without fear or anxiety? I am not going to lie, my baby sister is in the ER at Madison Hospital, one of my best friends is in ICU and one step away from the vent and I am going to be with a friend today who lost his wife on Sunday. It is virtually impossible not to have some anxiety and apprehension about these things. In heaven there will be no anxiety, no worry, no fear and no apprehension. My heart says Praise the LORD.

I think my sister is doing better but still at Madison as far as I know. Her asthma is much worse than mine. My friend in Cleveland, Ohio is my age but heart disease runs in his family. He is one step away from the vent. His name is Phillip Carrol. He is actually Tracey’s cousin. Tracy’s mom {Blondie} was a Carrol. Don Widner is still in the hospital or was yesterday. LORD willing I will be helping with Mary Holcomb’s COLS today. This is Kellie Sims mom. We always covet your prayers.

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