Help From Above


I am offering you My deliverance; not in the distant future, but right now! I am ready to save you, and I will restore Jerusalem and Israel, who is My glory.

~Isaiah 46:13, TLB


I don’t believe is coincidences, I believe in Divine intervention.

~Image Quotes

Isaiah 46 pictures the fall of Babylon and the invasion of the Medes. Someone is leaving Babylon and they are hauling their gods in carts; one of the animals stumbles and the gods go rolling out on to the ground. Isaiah’s conclusion was: “If these gods can’t save themselves from falling, how can they save anyone else?” Contrast these pathetic gods to Yahweh the God of creation who stands ready to save those who will call on Him. As I was reading the IF MY PEOPLE devotional yesterday, this thought came to me. We, the people, of the United States need help but not human help; human help is worthless {Psalm 60:11}. We need help from above. We need divine intervention.

When Israel was a slave in Egypt, they needed help? Why didn’t they secure their own freedom? Why did they need an intervention? The answer is simple: there was no one within the camp that had the power or ability to set them free so God brought someone in from another realm, it is called Divine Intervention. Folks, there is no one is this realm who can save us: we need help from the realm above. PRAYER is an acknowledge that we need divine help! When you need human help, you don’t pray, you call someone and asks them to come over. We pray when we need God’s help and we best be praying because we need His help. We need REVIVAL. We need the Ruwach
[Spirit of Holiness} to sweep through the entire country and turn our hearts to God.

Human Interest

I do enjoy a good movie and Holly found me one Monday night…THE LAST FULL MEASURE. You have to watch on Vid-angel because of the language. It is about a 21 year old Air Force medic who was killed in Viet Nam after he had saved several people.

This kid, William Pitsenbarger, was lowered from a rescue helicopter to the battle field against the wishes of the crew. He went from injured man to injured man for several hours before being shot in the head by a sniper. Many of the men who survived credited Pitsenbarger with their survival. Everyone was in favor of him being awarded the Medal of Honor but when it got to DC, the politicians got hold of it and down graded it to a lesser medal. One of the things they didn’t like was he was not an officer and in the history of Air Force only one person of his low rank had been awarded the medal. All this is historically accurate. Pitsenbarger Mom and Dad accepted his MEDAL OF HONOR in 2000, 34 years after the boys death and shortly before his dad died with cancer. It is a compelling story and worth checking out.

In the movie, Pentagon mid-level bureaucrat Scott Huffman leads the fight to get Pitsenbarger reconsidered for the Medal of Honor. Scott tells one of the vets he is interviewing this heart breaking story about his own childhood. At age five, his father abandon he and his mother. He followed his father to the car begging him to stay but the father ignored his plea. In a desperate last minute decision, this five year old stuck his hand in the car door knowing it would be crushed but hoping it would keep his father from leaving. The father simply re-opened the door and pushed him back in the yard and drove away while he chased the car with his mangled hand. They tell me that this part of the movie is fiction but not to me; this kind of thing happens far too often.

As a general rule, I do not watch any news, not even fox but I got a steroid shot in my knee yesterday and I stayed up all night. I watched Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram. Pence won the debate hands down.

I like the term assigned to the Moore’s all all like them: Evangelical Socialist, only drop the word Evangelical. The best word to describe them is HYPOCRITE. This would include the Bush Family who dishonored every conservative in America when they refused to attend Margaret Thatcher’s COLS. No, I will not let it go. I have no use for George–he betrayed us to please Obama. The same goes for the McCains. Who needs them and who cares what they think. The so called Evangelical Socialist say they disagree with 95% of the democratic platform but they are voting for them anyway. These people are morons: they are not voting for Harry Truman, John Kennedy, or evil Slick Willy. The present day democratic party is so liberal, they make John Kennedy look like a staunch conservative which he was not. Killing the innocent unborn is murder and those who condone it will be held accountable. I wonder how many lessons Beth Moore teaches of the Valley of Topheth? I can answer the question; NONE! She is not about to touch child-sacrifice. Hypocrite! She is just another Trump hater masquerading as Christian.

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