How Sweet It Is


How sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey.

~Psalm 119:116, NLT


I asks myself sincerely how anyone can live without the precious messages of hope that are recorded in the Psalms.

~Kenneth N. Taylor

Let me tell you just a bit about Kenneth N. Taylor the author of the LIVING BIBLE. First of all, he had no earned doctorate. He graduated Wheaten Bible College and Dallas Seminary with a masters. Later two Doctorates were conferred on him as honorary titles. He was not a preacher. His interest was in publishing and he founded Tyndale House Publishing. His hearts desire was to make the bible more readable and so his first paraphrases were of the gospels. He began this work in the early 50’s but no one would publish them. Finally, he and his wife used their life saving to publish the LIVING LETTERS. A few years later, Billy Graham came across a copy and loved it. He ask for the rights to publish it for his ministry and the rest is history. The year I graduated high school [1967] Dr. Taylor published a little red book called the Living Psalms and Proverbs with the Major Prophets. I don’t know how I came across my copy; I didn’t buy it and as best I recall, someone gave it to me. I put it on the shelf and forgot about it until last year. This book has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.

So let me share my story and hopefully, God will get glory. I started daily bible reading as a child but for the wrong reason; I wanted to check the little box on the eight point grading system so I could be 100%. Then as a teenager, I read the bible for information. When God called me to preach, I read to teach and preach but in those days, I had rather watch TV. I read the bible but I had no affinity for it; it was not a passion for certain. I don’t know how old I was exactly; I think it was somewhere around age 50 before I read the bible through in the CEV but it inspired me and I began reading every English Translation I could get my hands on. I am reading the New Jerusalem Bible and finishing up on the Revised English Version. I read the Psalms every day. You can read them in a month by reading five per day but speed is not my thing. Today I read Psalm 144 in the Living Bible {little red book} and I read Psalm 56 {Wednesday night message} our of multiple translations. I am telling you honestly; I would be very upset if I lost my little red book. I would be devastated if I could not read the Psalms. I would give up all sports including college football before I would think of giving up the Psalms. I am convinced that every believer needs a Psalm per day; it will keep the devil at bay. If you can find a copy, get you a LIVING PSALMS, Tyndale House, Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois. I promise you, it will change your life. But whatever you do, start reading a Psalm per day.

The New Jerusalem Bible has been very helpful in Romans six and I also have F.F. Bruce favorite translation THE NEW ENGLISH BIBLE. I get more from reading various translation than I do from commentaries and I love commentaries.

We had a good day yesterday. The Holidays don’t hurt our attendance at the point, not like it does at other places. I think we had 36 cars which is slightly above average. Dale sang there is a River and that got me fired up. We were late getting to DBC and I missed the happy song {I’ll Fly Away} but we got in on the rest. Joe David delivered a “Spot On” message as Charles said in his prayer. At least, that what I thought he said, I didn’t have a listening device yesterday so whoever puts them on the front row dropped the ball. June and I have no plans for the day. I am going to read and perhaps {if it works out} visit with Tracy.


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