Idols In The Heart


The people of Israel have set up idols in their hearts and fallen into sin.

~Ezekiel 14:4, NLT


There is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action.

~Wolfgang Johann Goethe

I am reading Ezekiel in the ¬†IMMERSE READING BIBLE and I noticed something that I don’t remember seeing before. Some of Israels leaders came to see Ezekiel for advice and while they were conversing, God spoke to Ezekiel. God said to Ezekiel, Son of man, these leaders that are sitting here talking to you have set up idols in their hearts. They have embraced things that have lead them into sin and now they have come to see you wanting a message…well here is the message I want you to give them…”REPENT AND TURN AWAY FROM YOUR IDOLS, AND STOP ALL YOUR DETESTABLE SINS.” Imagine the shock on their face when Ezekiel shared the message. You want a message; here is you a message–REPENT! Ezekiel went on to say, it is not just the leaders, the people of Israel have set up idols in their hearts and have fallen into sin.

There is a message here for me and you. There is a message here for the church and a message for the nations. Get rid of the detestable idols. Whatever you are loving more than Jesus needs to go. This doesn’t mean you divorce a wife you admire more than Jesus or abandon a child that you worship. Child worship is big these days. If you don’t believe me, go to a little league game. Some of these parents have used the LORD’s tithe to equip these kids with everything imaginable. Back packs with two bats. I bet some of them spend $500 dollars equipping these kids. If you love your wife more than you love Jesus, the answer is to let them trade places. Make Jesus number one and she will get more love being number two than she ever got when you worshipped her. Of course a few years of marriage usually corrects this one and children grow up and become teen agers which usually takes care of the child-worship. The idol in your heart may not be a person; it may be a passion. I really believe some folks love hunting more than Jesus. It gets worse, some love golf more than Jesus. Reminds me of a Gregg and Traci story. Traci interrupted Gregg one Saturday as he was glued to the TV watching the Crimson Tide. She got between him and the TV and said, “Alright Bud, I want to know something, do you love Alabama football more than you love me.” Gregg was speechless and he pushed her aside so he could see the game. When she went back to the kitchen, Gregg got to feeling bad. At the first commercial break, he went to the kitchen and told Traci, “I love you more than hockey or golf.”

Here is the point…EVERYONE IS GOING TO NEED JESUS EVENTUALLY. Don’t treat Jesus like a spare tire the way the elders of Israel did. Cultivate a relationship with Him now. You will not be sorry later.


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