Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised!

~Psalm 48:1, NLT


It is impossible to exaggerate or embellish the greatest of God.


I have always struggled with telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. From early childhood, I have had the tendency to embellish. Bro. Inman said many times, “Preachers don’t exaggerate, they just blow it up so everyone can see it.” We all have the tendency to add a few things to every story. The fish we caught gets bigger every time we tell the story. Plus, we tell everything in our favor. The highest praise that John the Baptist received is found in John 10:41, “While John performed no sign, yet everything John said about this man {Jesus} was true.” I think about this verse a lot as I go into the pulpit. I have an awesome responsibility to tell the truth.

But I am delighted to know that I cannot exaggerate the goodness or the greatness of God. There are not enough adjectives in all the human languages to exaggerate the greatness of God. I can’t do it and neither can you–it is impossible. However great I make God out to be, He is greater, infinitely greater. David said in Psalm 8, O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens.” Just how high are the heavens {plural}, not sky but space? Well, we don’t know. It is a distance that is infinite and one we have no cognitive way to measure. So, God is greater than our imagination and greater than our ability to articulate.


I was wrong about Gregg’s treatments: I told you the radiation came first but what he had last week was chemo and he went for a radiation walk through yesterday. Continue to pray for Gregg, Traci, Sarah and the family. Mrs. Edith did get moved to the Cottages in Hartselle yesterday and is doing much better. Before I left she wanted to show me that she could get up on her own and she did: this is a marked improvement. Joyce Dotson is still congested but scheduled to come home today. She is going to her daughter’s for a couple of days.

We canceled our service last night due to weather. I told Josh that if we canceled, it would do nothing but that is a good thing. We had thunder and rain but no high wind. I think most of it went either North or South of us. This happens every time I cancel a service. It is just one more reminder that we cannot predict the weather, not with great detail. They predicted the storms but their path, they missed. Basketball games were canceled with the sun out.

Is there a chance that the Sec could go 0-8 this bowl season? Yes, it is a frightening prospect but it could happen:  we are off to a good start 0-4. Every time I pull for Auburn, they lose. I guess that is why Auburn fans I rather I not pull for them. June is already an Auburn fan in Basketball and I enjoy watching them myself. I stayed up and watched the Alabama game last night; they won by coming back in the last 4 minutes of the game. They frighten me. Those who live by the three, die by the three.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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