Keep On Praying


But I keep praying to You, Lord,  hoping this time You will show me favor.

~Psalm 69:13, NLT


We don’t pray so we can get on with the business, PRAYER is the business.

~Jack Taylor

Psalm 69:13 caught my attention the other day. I read it first in the MESSAGE, then I picked up the TLB and read it again…verse 13… “But I keep right on praying to You, Lord. For now is the time—You are bending down to hear! You are ready with a plentiful supply of love and kindness. Now answer my prayer and rescue me as you promised.” Then I thought about what precedes verse 13 and leads David to say, “So I keep on praying.” What I found was very interesting.

David begins with the flood tide of evil. Evil was so prevalent, so present and so powerful that David felt like he was being engulfed by a huge diabolical wave of evil but David said, “I keep praying.” Then David talks about being hated and despised. He said my enemies are more than I can count and they hate me without a cause…“So, I keep praying.” Then David talks about being on the short end of injustice but he says, “I keep on praying.” Then David confesses his sin and folly but he says, “I keep on praying.” Then he talks about being the but of the jokes, the object of scorn; even being mocked by drunks but he said, “I keep on praying.” Then he talks about being insulted even when he is attempting to do good but he says, “Even so, I keep on praying.”

I can add to David list. I have been teaching and preaching for 50 years but to be honest, I can’t tell you how prayer works but “I keep on praying.” I have problems that are over my head and some of them seem to be getting worse instead of better but “I keep on praying.” It has been weeks, yea even months since I have seen anyone respond to one of the messages I have shared but “I keep on praying.” The bottom line is…no matter what…WE KEEP ON PRAYING. There is no such thing as a wasted prayer: they all count, they all make a difference.

Spence shot be a text yesterday and I talked to Michelle last night at the game, Tracey B. has had a bad week and the back pain is keeping her from rest. Evidently the pain meds are not working as well as we would like. Pray for Tracy. She told me on Wednesday that she is ready to go. It is time for us to pray for a peaceful departure.

Seemed a little cooler this morning and we got a little shower last night. Hope you have a good day and a good weekend. Keep on praying for Tracy, the president and your pastor as he prepares for Sunday.

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