Keep Silent


But the LORD is in his holy Temple. Let all the earth be silent before Him.

~Habakkuk 2:20, NLT


His voice demands the silence of the soul.

~George Matheson

The soul is a chatter box which is why David would often command the soul to shut up. My daddy never used the phrase “shut up,” he always said “be still,” but when he said “be still,” it meant to shut up, to be seen but not heard. David said “Be still my soul,” and he meant for the soul to shut up. As a matter of fact God used the same phrase in Psalm 46, “Be still and know that I AM God.” The two go together: we are not likely to know God unless we are willing to be still and silent before Him. I am not saying that God cannot speak in the storm: He can and does but we are not in storms on a daily basis. In every day life we need a quite time and a quite place.

The LORD appeared unto Issac on the same night he reached Beersheba {Genesis 26:24}. Issac was a peace loving man; he had no stomach for strife and contention. The Philistines were giving him a hard time over watering rights so Issac left their territory and went to Beersheba which is in the edge of Israel. The moment he got there, he felt a sense of peace and this is when the LORD spoke. I am not saying that God cannot speak to a restless heart but it certainly helps if we can be still and silent before HIM. You need a place of refuge and retreat where you can relax, feel safe and be calm. George Matheson says, “There are no worries like little worries,” because little worries tend to accumulate like snow flakes. We go immediately to God with big worries but we have a tendency to let the small ones accumulate. Follow Paul’s advice–Pray about everything and don’t worry about anything. Above all, find you a quiet place to be alone with Jesus.

I will pray for my president today as I have done for the last four years and that would be Donald Trump. My prayer continues to be “deliver us from evil.”

It may just be me, but I am having more and more trouble uploading the blog. They are already censoring the big fish; they will eventually get to the tiny ones like me.

LESSON FROM LIFE: Rick and Bubba were talking about the Tennessee football situation this am; let me tell you what I think. Folmer has been obsessed with destroying Alabama and he did a pretty good job of wrecking things in the 80-90’s but it has come back to bit him and them. Tennessee will suffer for years due to Folmer’s hate for Alabama. He keeps trying to hurt Saban but I promise you, Saban gives little thought to him. Folmer is the SEC’s version of Haman. Hate never destroys the enemy: it destroys the one doing the hating.

I have a personal but unspoken prayer request for today. Would you take just a second to lift me up in prayer. Thank You!

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