Let His Light Shine


Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

~Matthew 5:16, NASB


Live a life of blessing others and you will always be blessed.

~Jonathan Cahn

I learn something new everyday or so it seems. I did not realize that a red flower is not actually red. The color of a flower is determined by the light. The plants absorb the light and the color but ironically, the plant will be the color that he refuses to absorb. A red flower is one that does not absorb red but it reflects the same color it refuses to absorb. Red is the color the flower reflects because the flower refused to keep it to its self. Those who take, take, take but never give will eventually have nothing. A person who absorbs all the love that can get but never shares love with others will become a loveless person. A person who absorbs all the blessing that others confer on them  but never seek to bless others becomes unblessed. This person would be like a flower that absorbs all the light and refuses to share or reflect any light. If this were to happen in the world of flowers, the flower that refused to share would be black.

Matthew 5:16 has always been a challenging verse to me,  “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” The church is filled with moralist who make this verse their life verse. I heard an old back slidden Baptist deacon say once, “I don’t have to witness or tell others about Jesus, I let my light shine through my good works.” He failed to quote the last part, “Glorify the Father in heaven.” How do we let OUR light shine through OUR good works and then the FATHER get the glory? Would the Father be glorified if I help someone but do not tell them why? If I simply do a kind deed for a person in need; would they not be tempted to give me the glory for the kind deed? Look what Bro. Jack did, he brought me a box of chicken. How is that glorifying God? The key to the verse in found in the NASB  and four little words, “In such a way.” It is not good enough to do a kind deed; people must know what is motivating us to do the kind deed. If we don’t make this clear, we get the glory for our good works. If we take the glory, there will be no reward but worse still, we will not be reflecting the LOVE of Jesus.

Chriswell Freeman wrote a little prayer stating my desire for each day:

Dear LORD,  today let me share a kind word or deed to bring honor to Your Son. Let compassion rule my heart and let the love of Christ be reflected in my actions. Amen!


You may be thinking what I am thinking, “My actions don’t always reflect the love of Jesus.” Most of the time they are a reflection of Jack’s flesh which is twisted and selfish. I am prone to make everything a competition which produces winners and losers. Pray for Jack to die. I can’t believe it is December 2; this month will fly by but at my age, they all fly by. Have a good day and thanks for reading the blog.

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