No Test Please


“And do not bring us to the test but save us from the evil one.”

~Matthew 6:13, NEB


Lead me not into temptation: I can find that on my own.

~Dave Gardner

If you know me, you know I enjoy reading various English translations of the bible. My goal was to read them all but I don’t see that happening. When I began this pursuit, I thought there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 but there are way more than 50 and the number continues to grow. I read the Revised English Bible last year from the wisdom literature through the NT but I have not read it all. Now I am reading the New English Bible in the NT and yesterday I read the SERMON ON THE MOUNT. Several verses caught my eye but this last line of the MODEL PRAYER really got my attention…
And do not bring us to the test but save us from the evil one.” This is my prayer.

I don’t like test and I have my reasons. First of all, I don’t like test because I have a tendency to fail them. When Jesus began talking about His upcoming arrest and execution, Peter was cock sure he was ready for the challenge. Peter’s attitude was like, “Bring it on, give me you best shot.” Well we know how that worked out: in the darkness of the moment, Peter’s courage evaporated and he ran for cover like a frightened rabbit. Peter turned out to be the very thing he loathed with pure hatred…a coward. There are some things that are worse than death and living with the shame of cowardice is one of them. Peter’s failure robbed him of any kind of quality of life; until Jesus restored him, he was simply a shell of a man. He was existing but not living. Yes Peter struck out with the bases loaded but because Jesus is full of grace, He gave Peter another chance. This time Peter goes out of the park.

So the bottom line for me is that I know in advance that I am a coward. I lack courage. I am happy as a lark just to be in the dugout with the team. I’ll go to bat if He calls my name but I’m not anxious about it. There is one good thing about striking out–it is humiliating as all get out. God is good: He allows us to get a hit every now and then; just enough to keep our confidence up but if we get too full of ourselves, He knows exactly what to do. So no, I do not pray to be tested: I pray not to fail when I am put to the test.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

You know you are old when it wears you out to smoke three turkeys. I woke up early with the leg restless legs syndrome so I decided to post. I hope you have a great TG day. Remember those who are battling the Covid.

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