One On One–God To Man


God’s your Guardian, right at your side to protect you—He guards you from every evil, He guards your very life. He guards you when you leave in the morning and we you return at night, He guards you always.

~Psalm 121, MSG {Selected}


The God who is wise enough and powerful enough to create me and the world I live in is more than capable of watching out for me.

~Phillip Yancey

Psalm 121 was one of mother’s favorites. Where do we go when we need help? We don’t go to the mountains, we go to the One who made the mountains: Yahweh is His name. There are certain things that I believe strongly and one of those is divine protection. I was thinking about a bumper sticker I saw yesterday, “All Lives Matter…Blue Lives Matter.” Of course, blue lives refers to law enforcement. These very ignorant and spoiled athletes who take a knee during the National Anthem in support of Black Lives Matter don’t seem to realize who keeps them safe so they can walk the streets. Who is watching over them as they sleep. First there is the police force {Blue Lives}. Law enforcement is a 24/7 job. Then there is the military. We have kids all over the world serving in the US military. I say kids because when one of them speaks of radio, wishing us a Merry Christmas back home, they sound like very young people. These young men and women are spending a Christmas overseas to protect us and we have the audacity to spit in their face by taking a knee rather than honoring our flag.

One of the Beatles wrote a song that goes like this, “War is over if we want it.” He may have been under the influence of pot when he wrote it. Are you kidding me! My father and June’s father fought in WWII and both were in Germany, in 1942-44. I can assure you that neither wanted war. Liberals are weak minded idealist. If you are a lib read slowly: we have law enforcement because we have crime. Can you make the connection? It is not rocket science: even a dim wit should get it. When people stop committing crimes we can retire all the policemen. We have wars because some of us want freedom. Without a standing army, how long would we last? Not long! Both communism and Islam are very aggressive. Our church building would be converted to Mosque in no time.

All that above is free, no charge but the guardian of guardian is Jesus. He has you covered One on one. Guarding is a huge part of basketball and there are two basic defenses: zone and man to man. Jesus plays man to man: He has you covered. I have absolutely no doubt, the devil would destroy me in milliseconds if not for Jesus protection. The diabolical powers of evil would roll over us like a tidal wave if not for Jesus. He shelters us from this horrendous storm of evil. As Paul said, “He will deliver us from this present evil world according to the will of God the Father.” [Galatians 1:4]

My friend and Tracey’s relative Phillip Carrol was promoted at 1:30 December 16. I found out about it yesterday evening. Phillip was a strong believer in Jesus Christ. He has fought the final battle and is receiving his crown of righteous which is the righteousness of Christ imputed to us by grace. His sin problems are over. As far as I know all other covid patients are better except M.D. Prater. I think he is having a difficult time.

June is doing pretty good. She has not felt up to going anywhere yet, we went to Holly’s for about 30 minutes last night. She goes back to Doctor today and if she feels up to it, we are going to go to SAMS. Christmas is on us. This has been a strange year and yet it has passed quickly for me. One reason I didn’t want to retire was I knew it would speed up the clock and it has. Josh came over yesterday evening and helped me with my new computer. It is fast but the key board is different, I have to type with one hand. I will adjust to that in time, I think. I hope you have a great weekend.

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