Only God Can Fix It


Can any of the worthless foreign gods send us rain?
Does it fall from the sky by itself?
No, You are the One, O LORD our God!
Only You can do such things.
So we will wait for You to help us.

~Jeremiah 14:22, NLT


Irresponsible people have no solutions: they only make excuses and cast blame on others.


Just think, we thought 2020 was interesting; we may be looking back shortly and longing for 2020. I am not a prophet in the mold of Isaiah or Jeremiah but I can tell you what is about to happen based on history and human nature: TRUMP WILL BE BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING from covid to climate change. These yahoo’s who are taking over the country by hook and crook are idiots when it comes to the economy. They will tank the economy in less than a year: gas and taxes are going up and the stock market and your IRA is going down. The dollar is devalued with every stimulus check but the dems like to use paper money to buy votes. The dems live for the moment. They have no problem fouling everything up because they can always blame someone else and all their cool-aid drinking minions fall for their age old scam.

Do I know exactly what is going on? NO! But I can tell you this: what you are hearing on the news is not the truth. Normally I agree with Rick and Bubba but I got a little put out with Bubba yesterday morning. Do we know for a fact that all the violators were Trump supporters? Do we know for sure that Soros didn’t have some plants in the mix. I can tell you this: the agenda of the left is to discredit Trump. They are offended by Trumps popularity with the common people and they will do whatever necessary to discredit him. Civil disobedience has its place: it is not always wrong. Bubba is becoming politically correct and that turns my stomach. Jesus was executed for breaking the law but the question is, “Who’s law?” He was put to death by the state but was it a just execution? Bubba is highly intelligent but he did not think through his statement. The Hebrew midwives disobeyed Pharaoh’s command; the Hebrew boys disobeyed Nebuchanezzar’s command and Peter and John disobeyed the orders of the Sanhedrin. Our allegiance to Christ takes precedence over any allegiance to the state. I am not saying that what happened was right but to make a blanket statement that disobeying the law makes you a criminal is bologna. Do you think God is pleased with the so called law that allows people to kill babies? I have no respect for such a law or those who conjured it up.

They have control of the media and censorship is already in play so get ready for the Trump bashing. What on earth is going on? I don’t know but my guess is judgment: God is using the dems to bring us to our knees. We have to give them credit: the dems are solid in the coalition, no one steps out of rank. They have relentless energy and are unafraid to do anything. They do whatever it takes to win: cheat, lie, slander, steal…it makes no difference to them. The republicans are weak, spineless wimps and have no courage and very little integrity. The dems are evil and the republicans are pathetic. Richard Shelby is a back stabbing traitor and those are his good points. My hope is in Jesus and Him alone.

I digressed quite a bit: the problem in America is SIN and only God can fix the problem. We must look up to Him and pray for them. Our solution is not in Washington DC, He is in heaven.

January 8 already…unbelievable…even January flies by. January has always been my least favorite month but it is Jerry and Troy’s favorite month {they are deer hunters}. These deer hunters aint just right in the head: one young man told me last night that he had the choice between a date with a beautiful young woman and going deer hunting. The moron is going deer hunting. I said, “Boy there is something wrong with your thinking.”

Reckon we can get through a day without more bad news? Let’s give it a shot. Thank you for reading the blog and have a great FRIDAY. MH wouldn’t Friday be better than Wednesday for our meeting? We could start today! Just and idea.

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