Only God Is Great


“Yahweh our Lord, how majestic your name throughout the world!” 

~Psalm 8:9, NJB


The world appears very small to the soul that contemplates the greatness of God.

~Brother Lawrence

I’ve told this story before but it is worth repeating. Ascending to the throne of France at the age of four to rule for the next seventy-two years, Louis XIV enjoyed the longest reign in modern European history. Intoxicated with his own power, this narcissistic emperor called himself the “Great Monarch” and declared, “I am the State!” But in 1715 the inevitable happened, Louis XIV, like all earthly rulers abdicated his throne to death.

His funeral, just as he had planned, was nothing short of spectacular as the great cathedral was packed with mourners to pay their final tribute to the great king. Louis XIV was placed before them in solid gold coffin studded with jewels. To symbolize the kings greatness, there was a solitary candle that burned in the middle of the coffin. All eyes were on that solitary flame. At the appointed time the Bishop rose to preside over the service and he did something that shocked the entire audience. He reached down and extinguished the flame of the candle and then he said as the people gasped, “Only God is great.” I love this story. We need more men like the Bishop and fewer like Louis XIV.

Three cheers for the Bishop; I am in total agreement, only God is truly great. He is the Creator of all, the Sustainer of all and He is Sovereign over all that He has created. The greatness of his person is seen in His creative work. Like David, I look at the night sky and see the work of His fingers—the moon and the stars He set in place—
and I think, “what are mere mortals that He should think about us, human beings that He should care for us.” Wow, our God is an awesome God.

This is an old blog that I knew together a few weeks ago and I never hit the publish button or didn’t hit it the second time. I have to finish my yard before the rain gets here: have a great day. See you in worship tomorrow.

I almost forgot, Miss Clara is back in Children’s in Birmingham. Please pray for Shohn and Clara.

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