While you have the LIGHT, trust in the LIGHT so that you may become men of light.

~John 12:36, NEB


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

~Milton Berle

Opts is an abbreviation for opportunities. Its one I use quite often. Milton Berle was a standup comic of yesteryear but there is some truth to his quote. As I was reading my New English Bible yesterday {gospel of John}, I noticed something that I had not recognized before: four times Jesus teaches His disciples to seize the day, to take advantage of present opportunities, especially as it related to the incarnation. Upon healing the blind man in chapter nine Jesus says, “While daylight last we must carry on the work of Him who sent Me; night comes when no man can work.” Then is chapter 11 when the disciples are questioning Jesus about returning to Jerusalem where the Jews are waiting to kill Him, Jesus said, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Anyone can walk in the day without stumbling, because he sees the light of this world, but if he walks after nightfall he stumbles, because the light fails him.” Then Jesus said to the Jews in chapter 12, “The LIGHT is among you still but not for long. Go on your way in the light, so that darkness may not overtake you. He who journeys in the dark does not know where he is going. While you have the LIGHT, trust in the LIGHT, so that you may become men of light.” Also in John 12 we have the story of the woman who washed Jesus feet and anointed them with perfume. Someone protested, saying that using the perfume on Jesus feet was a waste and that it should have been used to help the poor. Jesus said, “Leave her alone. She did this in preparation of my burial. The poor you have with you always, but you will not always have me.”

Jesus spent approximately three years with His disciples and that is not very long. Four times in three chapters, He speaks to them about the narrowness of this window. Time is precious and it is also very illusive. We must be good stewards of time. Time and opportunities have a tendency of getting away from us. There are many things that we must do within a certain time frame; serve in the military is one but there are others. Don’t waste time! It is as sinful to waste time as it is talent or money. Take advantage of present opts–don’t let the window close without getting in. Every missed opt will create regret and regret is not a good companion to grow old with. Be kind to one another; wash their feet while you have the opportunity. Jesus was crucified shortly after this woman washed His feet.

Another full day and another call for prayer. LORD willing, I will be conducting the COLS for Shohn’s grandfather today at 1:00. Staff meeting this morning at 9:00. Sounds big church doesn’t it: actually, there are only three of us and two for today’s meeting. Prayer meeting tonight at 6:30.

Washing other feet or NOT: Sometimes old men try to be cute and like little children, they say the “darndest things”. I know two who did that yesterday after M.D.’s service. Most of the time they are trying to be funny and the best thing to do is to overlook them. With a little effort, we could say something encouraging and uplifting. Hey, I was one of the two and I can assure you there was no malice in my heart but what I said did not come out right so I went back and apologized. I was picking at someone for being reserved but I told her when I apologized that I wish I were like her. She never gets in trouble for talking too much.

Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you have a great day!

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