Organized Chaos


The nations are in chaos, and their kingdoms crumble! God’s voice thunders, and the earth melts!

~Psalm 46:6, NLT


In the midst of chaos, there is opportunity.

~Sun Tzu

If the dems take the White House, the virus will go away immediately. The threat has been fabricated. The virus is real, the threat of disaster is not. It is not the black plague although it has been treated as such. Students at the University of Alabama came under heavy criticism after arriving on campus. They congregated immediately and they were not wearing mask; this infuriated the media and the awful negligence and disrespect for the virus of the UA students made national news. The bottom line, the one no one will talk about, is–these kids were not afraid of the virus and they do not believe it is a threat. They treated it the same way you would treat the flu. The democrats and their cohorts in the media have been spreading fear and panic for months. They have been successful in putting many older adults in a fear and panic mode but evidently, their fear pedaling has not worked with the young.

The goal of the democratic party is to create a climate of chaos. Black Lives Matter is not about black lives, it is about creating chaos. Ironically, the dems are lead by elites white people and Jews but they use race and racism to stir the pot. Al Mohler and his band of SOCIAL JUSTICE warriors are working hand in glove with the democrats. These misguided pseudo intellectuals proclaim their non-partisanship and they also profess to be pro-life but they are neither. You cannot vote for a democrat and be pro-life. The democrats have worked tirelessly to create confusion and chaos in the country and the Mohlerites have worked relentlessly to create confusion and chaos in the convention. This is a strategy, a tactic. It is a precursor to revolution or as the Mohlerites would say, reformation. The philosophy of chaos is simply: create enough chaos and people will become desperate for change.

In a manner of speaking, the REPUBLIC is broken but not beyond repair. TRUMP, by the grace of God, will fix it or at least get it back on its feet if he can get his hands on the handle to flush the stinky Washington toilet. Career politicians and bureaucrats are our undoing. They are parasitic. Washington DC is filled with politicians and has very few, if any, statesmen. I wish I knew what was going to happen November 3 but I guess it is best that I not know. Is there a chance that the left has not persuaded the masses with their incessant propaganda? If these Alabama students have figured it out, maybe there is hope for the county. Hate on him all you want but TRUMP has been right about the media from day one–THE NEWS IS FAKE–PURE FABRICATION and it comes from the left.

Overslept this morning and running late on everything. Got is late from Big L’s game which wasn’t much of a game. We got shellacked 56-0. I think we may have had 3 first downs against their first team and we could’t score on their second team but their second team scored three times. I left pretty discouraged but Joe David tells me Falkville is good. They are big and very physical for a 2-A school. They were too physical for us. Hey, we got to play and that is the main thing.

According to my radar, the rain is on the way and I am not complaining. LORD willing, I will be speaking at First Baptist Falkville in the morning and then twice on Sunday so I have a lot of preparation to do. I could use a little prayer. Actually, a lot of prayer.

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