“Then he told them a parable about the need to pray continually and never lose heart.”

~Luke 18:1, NJB


By perseverance, the snail made it to the ark.

~Charles Spurgeon

A soldier was taking shelter in an old building; he was surrounded by the enemy and his survival did not look promising. He knew his best bet was to lie low, not move, not make any sounds that would give his position away. As he lay there on the ground, he noticed an ant trying to carry a piece of grain up a stone wall to its nest. He began counting the ants attempts to do this impossible feat. On the 70th attempt, the ant succeeded. This soldier would later be promoted to the highest rank in the military and by his own admission; the lesson the ant taught him made the difference in his life. If at first we don’t succeed, we try again. Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times to invent the light bulb but thank God he never gave up.

Arthur Rubenstein, the great musician, said; “If I miss one day of practice; I notice. If I miss two days, my friends notice. If I miss three days, the public notices.” We must understand that PRAYER IS A PRACTICE and every practice counts. I think of prayer as an investment and each day’s prayer is a deposit. I don’t believe in a wasted prayer and I certainly do not believe that time in prayer is a waste. Are all my prayers answered in the way that I imagine? NO! Are my prayers powerful and do they produce immediate results? NO! But I keep praying. Why do I keep praying when my prayers seem so impotent?

I am glad you ask. I keep praying because Jesus commands it and I trust Him. I keep praying because my spirit longs for prayer and I need and love spending time with my Heavenly Father. I keep praying because I believe that prayer makes a difference. Can I explain how prayer makes a difference? Of course not and neither can anyone else. Prayer is a conundrum, wrapped in an enigma and enshrouded by a mystery. No human can figure it out but Jesus didn’t tell us to figure it out, He told us to faith it out. Always pray and don’t quit.

I hope you have a great day, thanks for reading the blog. We are preaching from Romans 8 this morning and Psalm 62 tonight. You can catch both messages on Live Stream by going to the DBC website or FB page. We may not record the early service {9:00 am} until we move back inside, hopefully on March 14.

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