Plant A Tree


Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there he invoked the LORD {Yahweh}, the everlasting God, by name.

~Genesis 21:33, REB


Invest your life in others whether you see the results in your life time or not.

~Chris Schultz

Beersheba is basically a desert located on the southern part of Israel; actually southwest and bordering Philistine territory. Abraham had just made a pact with the Philistine king Abimelech regarding water rights. Planting the tree could have been a part of the celebration of this treaty but probably not the real reason Abraham planted the tree. The tamarisk tree shapes into an umbrella and is the ideal shade tree. Its evergreen leaves collect water vapor from the moisture in the air during the night, and when the sun radiates its heat, the droplets evaporate and produce a cooling system. The value of the tree is not in question: the problem is it’s slow growth {1 inch per year} and the time it takes to mature {400 years}. Why would Abraham plant a tree that would never provide shade for himself?

Three times in Genesis, God tells Abraham that he is going to give this land to his descendants. Ironically, Abraham never owed anything except his burial plot. The incredible thing here is Abraham’s faith in God’s promise. Although Abraham will not get to enjoy the cooling shade of this tree, his descendants will and almost 400 years later, his descendants would be camped on this very spot. He did it for his grand children.

You have to reach a certain age for some things to click. My daddy told me things that I did not believe, not at first but in time I came to realize that he was right. I tell my children and grand children things over and over and it does not appear that they are listening. Are they listening? Yes and no. It is penetrating their mind but they don’t understand yet. One day in the future, it will click. I probably will not be around when it clicks. We plant a tamarisk tree every time we invest in our children, grands and greats. Someone asks me recently about our mountain vacations. Is it worth the expense and what am I trying to accomplish? Two things are on my agenda: [1] Create good memories that will last for a lifetime [2] Teach them my values and transfer my faith. During our mountain devotions, they are yawning, scratching, figiting, looking out the window, itching to get their hands on their I-Pad but I just keep talking. A child hears more when they are hanging from the window seal by their heels with their eyes closed than an adult who is looking straight at you with both eyes open. You keep planting trees. It takes time but they will eventually grow to maturity. At just the right time, they will remember what grand daddy taught them.

June providentially found a news service this morning on her kitchen TV, RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING. They played the President’s farewell address. I was in a breakfast meeting, so I missed it. To the very end, Robert De Niro and company were blaspheming the president and everyone who voted for him. I will not repeat what these low life’s said. Ironically, this is what De Niro calls Trump, a lowlife. At least the president can make a sentence without using the F word. How intelligent is a man who cannot speak without vulgar expletives? De Niro IQ is less than 110. I’m trying to be nice. You will not have to worry about Jack Bailey supporting Hollywood or watching anything with De Niro the zero in it.

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