Power Of Words


The Lord’s promises are pure, like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over.

~Psalm 12:6, NLT


Those who are gifted at manipulating people with words place great stock in their ability to twist language in order to achieve their own vain purposes.

~Gerald H. Wilson

I finished the Psalms in the NJB a few days ago and I am now reading them in the AV. Yesterday I was on Psalm 12 and I read in awe. This Psalm articulated the very things I was feeling in my own heart. The first verse got my undivided attention…Help, O Lord, for the godly are fast disappearing! The faithful have vanished from the earth! I had just gotten off the phone with a cousin in Athens and we were talking about this weird and uneasy feeling of insecurity that is a result of all the things going on today. Let’s face it, apart from the gospel of Jesus Christ, there isn’t much good news. Right now, evil appears endemic or out of control. It is certainly rampant; flourishing and unpleasant. One of the primary tools of the wicked is deception and the use of words to deceive and control others. It all began with the serpent in the garden: he choose his words carefully. What he said sounded appeasing to Eve but she didn’t read the fine print: what Satan actually said was a lie. The KJV says in verse two…They speak with flattering lips and a double heart.

Martin Buber, a Jewish theologian, suggest that the origin of all conflict between humans in this world is the result of the conflict between three principles. The three principles are: [1] Thought [2] Speech and [3] Action. To have integrity, these three must be in a straight line. When our speech is not in line with our thoughts, we are guilty of covering our true motive or agenda and integrity is blown out the window. When we say one thing and then do the opposite, we blow our credibility and again integrity is thrown to the wind. Ed Litton on Rick and Bubba laughed when Rick asks if he was “woke”. Jeff Johnson’s definition of being woke is–to be aware of the inherent and systemic racism, injustices, and inequalities of the capitalistic system. Lebron James is woke. All the dems are woke. When Litton was asks by Rick if he was worse, Litton jokingly said, “I woke up this morning.” Litton was not being true to his thought or beliefs: he is “woke,” but at present, he doesn’t want to be known as “woke.” He would probably lose a lot of followers if he was transparent. I am sorry folks but this is what gauls me about the reforms like Platt. For Pete’s sake be transparent, stop all this double talk and tell all your followers that you are a hyper-calvinist. The weak and the uninformed can be easily mislead by their cunning use of the language. I am pro-life and evangelical. I believe that God is the ultimate source of all truth and authority. I believe the Bible is His THOUGHTS expressed in words that we can understand. I believe in the sanctity marriage and that it is between a man and a woman. I believe that sexual perversion is a deadly and destructive sin. I am in full agreement with Peter Marshall, Jr. who said back in the 80’s: “Abortion and homosexuality will destroy this nation if we don’t repent.” In Morgan County, racial injustice is not the issue or the problem, drugs and the breakdown of the nuclear family is the problem. Our places of worship; being half filled on Sunday is also a huge problem.

J.D. Greear and Eddie Litton should be ashamed. What are lay people suppose to think when we have no integrity or credibility in the pulpit. Honestly, knowing what you know now about Eddie, would you believe anything he says? Whether if offends you or not, I have to be honest; I saw no integrity on the stage at the SBC. I will never listen to any thing else James Merritt has to say unless it is a confession. As far as I am concerned, he is just another word con trying to manipulate people. I needed to see what I saw in Nashville, I am guilty of misusing the pulpit as a bully platform. After Merrit pathetic performance, I have vowed never to do it again.

Let me close with a wonderful thought: Jesus had perfect integrity. He spoke exactly what He thought and His action were in perfect alignment. Beware of the hidden agenda. As Paul said to the Philippians, It’s true that some are preaching out of jealousy {envy} and rivalry {strife}. But others preach about Christ with pure motives. Some are trying to advance themselves and they are willing to sacrifice integrity to do so. God help me not to be one of them.

God is good! He is also at work in our YOUTH. We had 14 POF’s from the Scott Dawson Camp last week and three of them gave testimonies last night. Our Praise and Worship was great! I could actually hear others singing. When Doug had us stand and sing, “Just A Little Talk With Jesus,” the youth began clapping and the entire congregation joined in. WOW! I was blown away! LORD willing, on July 11, the YOUTH will have all my time in the service. Doug will lead us in praise and worship and then we will have testimonies and baptisms. God is good and CRT is evil.

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