Pride And Prejudice


Pride ends in destruction; humility ends in honor. What a shame—yes, how stupid!—to decide before knowing the facts!

~Proverbs 18:12-13, TLB


To answer before listening is a practice and attitude that stems from our pride and prejudice.

~Timothy Keller

We have been conditioned to think that prejudice is always associated with racial issues and nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone can be a victim of prejudice. Who are we more likely to stereotype; a successful black man like Allen West or a white man who will not work and lives on food stamps and other entitlements. He doesn’t want a job; he is not about to attend any church; he wants his dope and his cell phone but he doesn’t want any responsibility. So if you are one of these social justice warrior wearing your halo so tight that it is giving everyone else a headache–read my print–WE ARE ALL PREJUDICE, no exceptions. Did Hillary not stereotype white males when she labels us “Deplorables,” which is actually not a word. Prejudice is not basically a racial issue, it is an ethical issue. Are we going to be fair? Are we going to get the facts before we pass judgment? Prejudice is passing judgment before you get the facts: it is literally prejudging.

Yes, it is prejudicial to say that all black men are lazy and will not work? I know a lot of black men who are hard workers. We cannot judge all black men by the actions of some. So is it prejudicial to say that all white men are deplorable or racist or supremacist? I am sure there are some deplorable white men, Hillary should know, she married one, but are all white men deplorable? If you are a conservative, the left will label you a racist, hater, homophobic, deplorable, etc. If you are a black conservative and I thank God for those who are; they will label you an Uncle Tom. So ethically speaking, we do not judge a person by their race, gender, economic status, or vocation.

Another prime example of prejudice is vocation. How many of you trust lawyers or car dealers? What about politicians? What about preachers? Some people are going to judge you the moment they find out what you do for a living. Not all lawyers are crooks; not all car dealers are liars; there must be some good politicians such as Mike Pence and Arthur Orr and not all preachers are hypocrites. I do run into people who just don’t like me because I am a preacher and they don’t like preachers. They don’t know me, they don’t know my heart and they are not about to sit down and listen to what I have to say. There mind was made up as soon as they heard the word “preacher.” I am not complaining, I am just stating facts, we are all subject to prejudice.

I think we are in for another hot one, a 91 that will feel like 95. I guess you could say this is our first heat wave of the year. Believe it or not, our corn fields could use a rain. They are not hurting yet but a few more days of this and they will be. The pumpkins are planted for TRUNK-A-TRAIL but they haven’t come up yet. Joe David got rain that the rest of us did not get.

Joyce Chaney was 48 yesterday and Joe Fitz was 46. Dot and Roger were doing well and so was Sarah. I bumped into a New Yorker yesterday and had a very interesting conversation. She is for Trump. She has been living in Alabama for past 10 or so years but she still owed a house in NY city. She still has close friends in the city and she told me that things are not good in the city. Thieves and rouges are roaming the streets. People are afraid to go out of their houses. Policemen are being shot at.

Meanwhile, something else was brought to my attention, something very disturbing. It is called adrenochrome. It is an addictive drug used my Hollywood elites. I don’t think we are talking about movie stars so much as writers and producers who are mostly Jews. If I understand correctly, the drug is made from the adrenaline of children and could be related to the occult. It is bazaar. It is to disgusting for me to talk about and something I do not fully understand. I think the children have to be tortured for the adrenaline to be extracted from the children. I had never heard of such a practice. Perhaps you would like to research this for yourself if you have the stomach.

I hope you have a good weekend and thanks for reading the blog.

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