Primal Prayer


Hear me, LORD, and have mercy on me.
Help me, O LORD.”

~Psalm 30:10, NLT


When we are frightened out of our wits, pushed beyond our limit, pulled out of our comfort zone and our life is threatened, we resort to primal prayer…Help LORD!

Primal prayer is not intellectual or sophisticated, it is simple, basic, honest and childlike. It can be a simply cry for help. After all these years of studying the subject of prayer, writing blogs and preaching sermons on prayer, I am still at wits end. I do not understand prayer; it is a mystery but Jesus prayed and He taught us to pray. I know one thing, when our life is threatened, prayer is as natural as breathing and our prayer is not one of impressive speech but usually a simply cry for help.

When we get saved {regenerated}, God impregnates us with His Spirit and our whole disposition changes. The will that was obstinate to God is not desiring to please God. Little by little we see Christ being formed in us and old Adam dying. When you get to my age, you will see old Adam dying in more ways than one. The fact that we are saved does not mean we have a trouble free life; to the contrary, our pilgrimage is an uphill climb and a struggle at times. Eugene Peterson says, “The language of prayer is forged in the crucible of trouble.” The simplest and most basic prayer is ‘help’. When are backs are against the wall and we cannot help ourselves, we call on our mighty Yahweh who is an ever present help in time of trouble. Prayer begins with trouble {have mercy on me a sinner}, and it continues from trouble to trouble because we are always in trouble. You don’t have to teach a desperate man to pray; before you can utter a word, he has already cried out, “God help me!”

Never hesitate to ask for God’s help; He created you to need Himself. Go to Blue Letter Bible, type in the word HELP, then narrow your search to the Psalms and see how many times David prayed for God’s help. Only the proud refuse to ask for His help.


Spectrum sent us a new modem and router and Holly installed them yesterday evening while I was gone; when I got home, we had no internet. The new router was not wireless and it had no antenna. I put the old one back in place and we are back on line. So we  begin with a THANKSGIVING this morning. I am also thankful for the warm weather. Had an hour long visit with my sister Holly yesterday; she is battling cancer and has a fluid problem. They removed so many lymph nodes in her surgery that her body can not discharge the fluids. Plus she found out yesterday that she has to have 40 radiation treatments. Pray for all our cancer warriors.

Thankful for our service last night. There was a sweet, sweet Spirit in the place. We tried meeting at 6:00 but we are going back to 6:30. Some of the youth cannot get there at 6:00 due to ball practice, imagine that! SENIOR ADULT FELLOWSHIP Friday at 11:30, fried chicken and the fixings.

Have a great Thursday and thanks for reading the blog.


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