Promises, Promises


By which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature.

~2 Peter 1:4, NKJV


There is no human condition for which you cannot find a PROMISE in God’s word.

~Edgar A. Guest

When I first read today’s text, I thought, “three adjectives describing one word,” but actually in the Greek there are only two: timios meaning precious and megistos meaning magnificent. Megistos is a superlative meaning greatest or very great, thus the AV translation exceeding great. God’s promises are the greatest. Man makes promises that he cannot or does not keep but God is the ultimate PROMISE KEEPER. I have given Edgar Guest quote some thought and I think he is right on, you cannot bring yourselves into a situation where there is not a promise from God to encourage you. He has promises to the burdened, to the poor, to the neglected, to the oppressed, to the discouraged, to the lonely, to the imprisoned, to the sick, to the broken hearted, to the strong, to the timid, to the afflicted, to those in peril and to those being tempted. There is a promise for every need. There is a promise for joy and a promise for sorrow; for victory and defeat. There are promises for the young and for the old; there are even promises for the dying.

Some years ago, probably close to thirty, I was ministering to a man who was the victim of a massive stroke. This man could not feed himself, nor could he articulate his thoughts. He was frustrated and discouraged. I was there when the doctor told him there was nothing he could do, there was nothing medical science could do. The doctor said, “I am sorry and he walked out of the room.” A still small voice spoke to me and said, “Jack, this is where you come in…You have a message of hope for this man.” Until that night, I had always felt inferior to medical doctors but that night changed my way of thinking. I went to his bed side, shared the gospel as best I could. I took the man’s hand and asks if he wanted to repent and receive Jesus. He was to affirm with the squeezing of my hand. He squeezed my hand, we prayed and I believe he was saved. No believer is ever without hope or a promise.

If we needed further proof that liberals {democrats} are idiots, we have it: they are denying Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam the right to bear arms. They are producing movie after movie with none stop violence but these morons are putting a halt to violence by taking the guns of our favorite cartoon characters. Also, they are doing away with any vestige of the old South. No more confederate flags. Yeah right, watch the sale of confederate flags soar. I am putting one on everything I owe just to spite liberals. My problem is not with blacks or Mexicans unless they are liberals. Hey the morons are going to do away with the police force in Minneapolis. I’m real interested in that experiment. Anyone want to vacation in Minneapolis when they shut down the police department? I’m for changing Yosemite’s role just a tad, “Let the rabbit represent the liberals but let Yosemite keep all his guns.” We all know, the rabbit is too intelligent to be a liberal. They need to dumb him down a few notches. Somewhere in the range of 70-90 IQ wise. I know, my new years resolution two years ago was to stop making fun of liberals but this mess popped my cork. All this lame and insane mask and social distancing comes from the liberals and they are chomping at the bit to crank it up again. I don’t intend to shut anything down. We would be better off if they shut Montgomery down. If they want to shut something down, let them shut down the health department which has become an arm of the democratic socialist party. If the CDC had been doing its job, rather than dabbling in left wing politics, we would not be in this mess. Why should we let an incompetent government agency runs our lives: they can’t even run the health department. If this offends you, it is for a reason: you can handle the truth.

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