Psalm 94


Can unjust leaders claim that God is on their side—leaders whose decrees permit injustice?

~Psalm 94:20, NLT


Anyone who believes in a Jesus that condones abortion does not believe in the real Jesus, and therefore is not Christian.

~Matt Walsh

My Wednesday night sermon a couple of weeks ago was Psalm 94. Years ago when I first read the NLT, verse 20 really caught my attention. Evil rulers make unjust laws and abortion is as unjust as you can get. You can read any translation you want and the message is going to be the same, a corrupt throne that decrees evil by law cannot be in alliance with God. If you are KJV only, mediate on this…Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with Thee, which frameth mischief by a law? When I read and study the Bible, I do so with the desire to understand the message. I am like the Ethiopian Eunuch, “What good is it if I don’t understand it?” Some folks hate the NLT because it makes the message clear. Anyway, this blog is not an attack on the narrow minded because that would be a waste of time. I was reading the NIV Application Commentary in prep for the Psalm 94 message and Dennis Tucker,Jr. the author mentions ‘Social Justice’ several times but never mentioned abortion. How can any born again believer read Psalm 94:20 and not see abortion. Abortion is murder and it is harmful to everyone involved. The baby dies, and the mother denies the reality of what she has done. Fifteen or twenty years down the road, she will implode emotionally and without proper counseling, she can become emotionally scared. The good news is there are those who do turn to Christ and seek forgiveness. These women become great ministers to the younger ones who are considering making the same mistake. The one consolation I have is that the babies are innocent and they go to heaven where Christ will give them the protection that their mother did not and He will give them a life that is better than any here on earth.

Most people have not seen Abortion up close and personal. I have and I am telling you the industry is evil. Planned Parenthood is evil, pure evil. There is nothing good about Planned Parenthood which is the world’s largest abortion provider. They are making billions at the expense of the culture. If you’ve read the OT, you know that God abhors child sacrifice which is exactly what abortion is–the child’s life is sacrificed for the comfort and convenience of the mother and in some cases the father. Our not so Supreme Court took the rights of the unborn away–they have no rights. They are the most helpless and vulnerable group in our society and we adults robbed them of their right to be born. You will note that all the pro-aborts were given the right to life by their mothers. Abortion is murder and abortionist are guilty of breaking the sixth commandment, “Thou shall not commit murder.” This crime is punishable by death. This is what makes abortion destructive to every American. It is a violation of God’s holy law and there will be consequences. I still stand with Peter Marshall, Jr. on his statement: “Abortion and homosexuality will destroy America.” A liberal, masquerading as a preacher, told me some 22 years ago, “You are a radical fundamentalist and you only have two sermons: you preach against abortion and homosexuality.” I’ll tell you what I told him, “I don’t preach it every Sunday but when it comes up, I don’t compromise.” The liberals just don’t get it–You cannot change the truth. I don’t care if you have more degrees than Fahrenheit, you can’t change the truth–it is immutable. ABORTION IS MURDER!


I am sure that most of you have heard about the tragic accident involving Matt Asherbranner {Ronald’s son}. He was killed yesterday when his dozier fell several feet into a rock quarry. I knew Matt and of course Ronald is a long time friend and a friend of DBC. He did all our backhoe work back in the day and charged very little if anything for doing it. He donated the slag underneath the concrete of the amphitheater. He helps me put in the trailer that we used for offices for years. Our heart goes out to Ronald and family.

The sunshine has been nice. Another week of sunshine and I may be able to cut my ditches with the gravely. Have a good day and weekend.


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