Rats In The Cellar


Enemies disguise themselves with their lips,
    but in their hearts they harbor deceit.

~Proverbs 26;24, NIV


It is the default mode of the human heart to hide the ugly.

~Timothy Keller

C.S. Lewis used a rather crude analogy that I will enlarge on just a bit… “If there are rats in your cellar you are most likely to see them if you enter very suddenly with a light. But the sudden entry with the light did not create the rats, it simply revealed that they were there.” Now a days, people market themselves. They try to craft an image through social media with a constant flurry of selfies and post. We see images of loving moms with their children or couples that appear to be madly in love. We put our best foot forward as if we could actually create an image by he way we look, dress and speak. Solomon said, “A persons speech may be charming, but that doesn’t mean they are telling the truth, for seven abominations are hidden in their hearts. Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed eventually.” {Proverbs 26:25-26}

As is the case so much of the time; our focus is wrong. Instead of being concerned about our image and what others think of us; why not concentrate on our heart and our attitude before God. What bad attitudes do we have hidden in the cellar? Pretending the rats are not there doesn’t solve the problem. Integrity is what we are when no one is around. It is the heart that we need to focus on; not our image.

I thought you deserved a short blog today: they have all been too long of late. As you know, I am disgusted with professional sports. I got turned off to the NBA some 20 years ago. Actually, I haven’t watched since the days of Bird and McHail. I may have watched a little during the Jordan era. I got fed up with the NFL when they persecuted Tebow and later R.G. III but even then I didn’t realize what was going on. Yesterday I listened to a podcast of a black athlete turned sports writer and he explained what is going on. The NBA caved first, then football and this year major league baseball. All three major professional sports are catering to the left; the question is why. Jason Whitlock believes and I agree, that the black athlete’s in an effort to produce change have forced the issue upon the owners. I’m not convinced that this is the only problem but I can see it as a factor. Jason’s point is that these wealthy black athletes like Lebron James are not thinking: they don’t really have a plan and they are guided by grand delusions. They think they are punishing America by not playing basketball. Do you think they are punishing me? I wouldn’t have known they were not playing had not Michael sent me the podcast. I could care less and there are over 200 million others who could care less. I hope they stay on strike. The irony is: they are striking against themselves: the owners have already given them half of the revenue. They are 50/50 partners with the owners. How dumb can you get! I don’t think there is much hope for the NFL or the NBA, both predominately black. Baseball on the other is not and yet they have caved to the political pressure from the left and have BLM stamped on everything. The fans are predominately white and middle class but they don’t seem to care about our rights. I will not take it. I do not have to. I can live without professional sports. I’ll take college football any day of the week and twice on Sunday so let these idiots go ahead and alienate all their fans. The sooner, the better! No one is Alabama needs professional sports. I hope they all go on strike and stay there. Maybe it time they got a real job.

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