Rebellion Or Reformation


Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

~Matthew 22:21, AV


“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?’

~Patrick Henry

Ben Franklin was very aware of the thin line between rebellion and reformation. The Bible teaches us that rebellion does not have a good end. Martin Luther, the reformer, hated rebellion; even the word itself and in his mind, he died a Catholic but the Catholics declared him a heretic and a rebel. Old school Catholics still refer to Luther’s movement as the Protestant Rebellion. There is one problem and we have almost a half century of history that will debunk this myth, Luther was simply pursuing TRUTH. His goal was never rebellion. When truth was revealed, men became willing to die for it.

God is opposed to slavery. He was not pleased when Israel’s bondage in Egypt. He was never pleased with the Jews for enslaving others which they had a tendency to do. A government, any government, can become unbearable when certain rights are infringed. The American Revolution {the British labeled it the Rebellion} started when British troops invaded the colonies and began occupying homes and confiscating arms. They also made public assembly a sin agains the crown. Our founding fathers were force to think on things most men would rather not consider–taking up arms in defense of our liberties. It was simple reason–“If they get our arms“, we have no way to resist their tyranny. They may have been a few hot heads among them but most of them were farmers, merchants, and businessmen; they were not soldiers. They didn’t want a war. They didn’t want to bear arms against their British brothers but they saw the intent of the British and they acted in defense of their liberty.

What about Jesus and the Jews? Were they not slaves to the Romans? The answer is no. Palistine were a buffer state, occupied by the Romans but free to a great extent. They did have to pay taxes and the Romans provided law and order but the Jews were not denied the right to bear arms. It certainly could not be compared to Israel in Egypt. Peter was carrying a sword on the night Jesus allowed Himself to be arrested. Whether you like it or not, the truth is: the confiscation of fire arms is the last straw. Once they accomplish that; nothing will stop them. They will go after the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION first thing and they may have gotten their wish. I am trying to contact the NRA and have been unable to do so. If they are able to destroy the NRA, think what they can do to us. As Ben Franklin said, “If we don’t hang together, they will hang us one at a time.” I am told that Biden swore in with his hand on the communist manifesto. Some of these old yellow dog democrats that voted for this mess are going to be crying like a baby within six months. Just don’t cry to me, I don’t want to hear it.

I enjoyed the first warm day of 2021; that 68 degrees felt like summer but it is January and we live in Alabama. June says it is going to drop down to 25 degrees Wednesday night.

I tried to call the NRA and couldn’t get anyone to answer. I hope they are not folding the tent: it will not be good if they are. Meanwhile, the world just keeps getting crazier. The Super Bowl commercials which are a big deal to some have been restricted this year, many companies are not being allowed to advertise because they are not sensitive enough. I have some news for them, what about I not watch at all. Rick and Bubba were talking about the airlines going back to no pet policy because folks had taken advantage of their new rule to allow some pet owners to take pets due to anxiety separation. Now, tell me this world hasn’t gone nuts. One, not so bright, person brought a turkey on to the plane. I know they are in the White House but lets keep them off of planes.

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