Religion Verses Christianity


But Jesus cried out with a loud voice and breathed his last. And the temple curtain was torn in two, from top to bottom. 

~Mark 15:37-38, NET


Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship.


As Jesus was breathing His last at 3:00 in the evening, the Priest at the Temple were sacrificing the Passover Lamb. We know that some of the Jewish religious leaders were at the cross but most of them were busy at the temple. The same people who hated Jesus cherished their religion. You and I both know that the lamb they sacrificed on their altar that day was absolutely meaningless. The LAMB OF GOD was being sacrificed less than a mile away and this one great atoning sacrifice would change all creation for all eternity and they missed it all due to their pride, blindness and religion. Religion is at the temple but salvation is at Golgotha.

God did not create evil but He does give angels and humans freedom to choose whom they serve. He is not the author of religion either. Religion is the creation of man who gets his inspiration from the devil. Religion is man’s attempt to appease God. All religions have one thing in common, they exclude Christ as the way of redemption. Christianity itself is not a religion; it is not a synthetic attempt by man to appease God. Christianity is God in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. It is God’s grace making salvation possible through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus.

Cain was religious. He even worshipped but he excluded Christ. He presented the fruits of his own labor as the sacrifice which is what all religions do. Like it or not, we are saved by the blood of the LAMB. We have more religions in this world than Carter has liver pills but all are vain and useless. Pagans are religious and so are secular humanist, like those who are in high places here in America. Humanism is the worship of man. It takes God from the center and replaces Him with man. Humanist do not pray; they have no dependence on a divine being. They are pragmatist. They draft a plan and then work the plan in order to created the world they desire. They are moral relativist: they do what is moral when it suits them but they are not bound by any moral code. If a lie furthers their cause, they lie. If violence and revolution further their cause, the initiate the violence. They are moral only when it suits their agenda.

I can find all kinds of faults with humanism. First of all, it is denial of reality because it denies accountability to our Creator. Matter of fact, they deny the very existence of the Creator. They have no solution for sin, guilt or shame. It is very short sided because it is concerned with this world only. Humanist are going to be devastated when they find out there is a judgment and another world. Possibly the weakest point of humanism is the size of their god, they worship men. They idolize the depraved. They don’t give praise to God, they praise punny impotent humans like Roosevelt, King, Kennedy, and Obama. The humanist may be more pathetic than those who worship totem poles or idols made of wood, metal or stone.

You can become a part of any religion you choose and you do have a multitude of choices but only Jesus deals with your sin and only He can get you to heaven.

O what a beautiful morning, O what a beautiful day: O what a beautiful morning; but I’ve not been up long enough to know if things are going my way. Sink me, the little Diddy rhymes is two places: I am a poet and you did not know it.

I don’t know if any of our readers know Lucky Teague or not; I imagine Teddy does and possibly some others. Lucky came out of the Pleasant Valley Church in Flint. Bro. Alvin Tucker was his pastor and mentor. Lucky had retired here in Morgan County and was preaching for a church on the east side when he had a stroke. This was a few months back. In the last month, Lucky has two more strokes and the last one was very bad. He can point with one hand and roll his eyes but that is about all. Scottie went down to see him a couple of weeks ago and he is in bad, bad shape. Just seeing him like that broke Scottie’s heart. They are in Savannah, Georgia. They moved there after the first light stroke to be near their daughter. I don’t remember Lucky’s wife’s name or his daughter but please pray for this family. Their back is to the wall.

Well 2020 was unique because of Covid. This year, 2021 is earning its own reputation. First, for the only time in my life, we have a president who is mentally incompetent. I don’t mean this in an ugly way: he is simply not in charge. They keep talking about the Biden administration when there is no such thing. Biden is not able to administrate anything. It reminds me of the Carter days. But that is not all 2021 is bringing us; it is also bringing us a cool spring. I cannot remember a time since seminary that I didn’t have corn planted by April 20 but this year I don’t have one seed in the ground and good thing because they are giving frost for the next two nights.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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