Residual Results


The wages of sin is death.

~Romans 6:23, NASB


Payday someday, it is woven into the fabric of the universe.

~Robert G. Lee

David was a brilliant man and his songs will live in eternity and that in itself blows my little finite mind but unfortunately for him, fortunate for us, his sins and their residual effects are recorded in scripture so that hopefully we will not make the same painful mistakes. If you know anything about scripture, you know that the sorted affair with Bathsheba was a turning point in his life and he never recovered. He went into a downward spiral and he could not pull out of it. The pivotal chapter in David’s life is 2 Samuel 11, from 12 on you can read about the consequences of David’s sin. Let me list them and I may have missed one or two I think you will get the general idea.

[1] He lost fellowship with God. David was passionate about pray and praise–he was an avid worshipper of Yahweh but his sin broke his fellowship with God. [2] He lost control of Joab who was a treacherous man. David knew what Joab was but when he made him an accomplice to his contemptible crime, it gave Joab the upper hand. Joab lost respect for David and from this point on, he makes no effort to please the king. He rather serves himself. [3] He lost a loyal soldier, a man of war, a tried and true veteran who would lay down his life for the king. I think this is the one thing that haunted David most. [4] He lost his most trusted and wise advisor Ahitophel. Ahitophel never confronted David about the affair with his granddaughter but obviously, he didn’t like and he too lost respect for David and ceased to work for David’s interest. [5] David lost the nameless son, the baby conceived by two sinful acts: murder and adultery. [6] Then is lost a second son who committed the same act as his father only he raped his half sister. [7] Then he lost the kingdom. He was chased out of town in shame and embarrassment by his own flesh and blood. [8] Then he lost a third son, Absalom the rebel. [9] Although David’s kingdom is restored; he never regained his former dignity and his legacy was tarnished forever. I don’t have a single doubt: if you could have interviewed a 70 year old David and asked him this question: “Was that one night in the sack worth it?” He would have broke down in tears repeating over and over, “No, no, no, a thousand times no.”

This sounds like a preacher’s lie but it is the truth: a man came to me some years ago and told me. “I am divorcing my wife and I am going to marry someone else.” When I questioned him he said, “David did it and God forgave him.” I told him quickly, “you need to go back and read your bible again because it is obvious that you are not aware of the consequences of David’s actions.” Folks, it was a trail of tears; one heartbreak after another.

We have a heat wave coming in today…going to get above 50. After what we’ve been through, it will seem like 70. I love Sundays, it is my favorite day. Hope to see you in one of the services today. God bless you and enjoy the sunshine.

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