Samson And Delilah


So she pestered him with these words day after day, pressing him hard and wearying him to death.

~Judges 16:16, REB


A nagging woman is like a slow drip in a leaky roof: constant and annoying.


No matter how many times I read the story of Samson and Delilah; I am fascinated by Samson’s stupidity. He was an incredibly strong man and that made him a fierce competitor but when it came to women, he was clueless. If you look up the name Delilah, you will find that it means feeble or at least that will be the first rendering but she wasn’t feeble. The word can also mean thin. She probably had the body of a model and Samson was attracted to her type. She was a pagan and like his other Philistine girl friends, she was a bit on the wild side with the power to attract and seduce men. Each of the five Philistines lords offered Delilah 1100 shekels of silver to betray Samson. That would be 5500 shekels which would be equivalent to $96,000.00. It doesn’t seem like that much to me but to a prostitute, it was a huge temptation. I would not want to betray a friend for $96,000; would you?

The woman was pure evil; no question about her character. She didn’t love Samson, she loved money and she used her female ways and seductive charm to get it. Be that as it may, we can’t blame her for his demise. Three times she set him up and then called for the Philistines. Each time Samson had to fight for his freedom. What was Samson thinking! Our strength is in our integrity and the devil knows it; once we compromise our integrity, our strength evaporates. Samson confessed to the devil and that is always a mistake.

Reminds me of the old story that comes from the plantation days. A southern planter owed a large plantation and just behind his mansion, was a lake where he kept swans. He made the rules clear to all the children on the plantation: you can play around the lake but do not bother the swans. The foreman’s son was throwing rocks in the lake one day and he decided he would see how close he could get to the swans without hitting them. He hit one and killed it. Alarmed by his deed, he dove in, retreated the bird and buried it in the edge of the woods. No one saw a thing; at least that was his hope. As he started through the kitchen, the cook said, “Boy, my floor need scrubbing.” The kid said, “That is not my job, that is your job.” The old cook said, “I saw you kill the swan. Do you want me to tell the master?” “No, no,” said the boy and he got down on his knees and scrubbed the floor. Long story short, the old cook made a slave of the boy until one day the kid came to his senses, “how long must I live like this. Anything is better than being a slave.” So he went up to the tower where his master was looking over the plantation. When he got into the tower, he realized the master could see the lake and everything else on the plantation. He confessed his sin, “Sir, I killed one of your swans and tried to cover my sin by burying the bird in the woods.” “I know,” said the Master, I was standing right here watching everything.” “Why didn’t you punish me?” The boy asks. “No need,” said the master, “sin has its own punishment but since you have confessed, I do forgive you for killing my swan but I hope you have learned a lesson: obey the rules and don’t throw rocks in the lake.” “Yes sir,” said the boy, “I will not do it again.” The first place the boy went after his confession was through the kitchen. The cook said, “Boy, I need my floors scrubbed.” “Get someone else,” said the kid. The cook replied,“I’ll tell the master about the swan.” The boy said, “Go ahead, but he already knows, I told him.”

Stay honest with God and you will not lose your integrity and remember, you have no strength when your integrity is compromised: the devil will make your life a living hell.

Some local pastors had the privilege of meeting with Mike Stone yesterday in a ZOOM {virtual} setting. I was impressed. I think the man knows the ropes and unless something changes, he will get my vote. He is running for President of the SBC and all the big dogs are opposed to him. He is the Trump in this race: the establishment doesn’t want him because he has pledged to drain the swamp. He assured us a motion will be made to rescind resolution 9 which committed SB to CRT. The sooner the better. Critical Race Theory is marxist communism and who would have believed it could get into the SBC. Either it comes out or we come out!

Joe David, Lori and I are on our way to Birmingham this morning: Larry Slater is critical. Please pray for Larry and Rhonda and the children and grands.

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