Shamgar The Ox Goad


After Ehud came[bShamgar son of Anath. He killed 600 Philistines with an oxgoad. So he also delivered Israel.


The only thing on this earth that is perfect is God’s word.

~Kenneth R. Taylor

How many sermons have you heard on Shamgar? He was one of Israel’s judges but you don’t know much about him; no one does. He is mentioned for a reason. First of all, Shamgar {sword} is not a Hebrew name. Shamgar most likely was not an Israelite, he was Hurrian, the ancient descendants of the Kurds who live in present day Iraq. During the period of the Judges, they lived in Syria which is just North of Israel. Shamgar was famous for killing 600 Philistines with an ox goad. An ox goad can be anything from a long stick with a sharp end to a type of spear. It was used to goad the ox. When the ox didn’t pull, you stuck it with the goad. What kind of lesson can we learn from Shamgar?

You don’t have to be an Israelite for God to use you. Shamgar is a picture of grace. The true gospel is that Christ died for all people. In heaven there will be people from every nation and tribe. Matthew mentions three women in Jesus family tree and this certainly displeased the Jews of his day. The women were Tamar, Rahab and Ruth. Rahab was a Canaanite harlot, and Ruth was a Moabite; both despised by Jews. The Jews insist that Tamar was an Israelite but she had a incestuous affair with Judah. All three are poster girls for grace. God does not use perfect people. Other than Jesus, name me one perfect person that God used. God will not reject you unless you reject His Son. He can and will use anyone. He can use anyone He pleases, whenever He pleases, to do what He pleases. The good news is that God loves you no matter who you are or what you’ve done and He will employ you in His kingdom.

This is an old blog written weeks ago but I have another full day today and I had a full one yesterday and was totally exhausted. I came to the office at 6:30 pm last night to compose a blog and then I saw that this one had not been posted. Most of our children are back home safe and sound and we give God praise for this miracle. It is a miracle because most of them drive like me.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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